Windows 7 on a celeron

I installed Windows 7 yesterday on my hp pavillion a1217n (Celeron) just to simply take a look at it. It worked great but for some reason it seems that my computer is not able to cope up with windows 7. I reinstalled windows xp on this computer yesterday. My computer is almost done. I can't wait to install it on my new computer.
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  1. that the celeron does not work great with windows 7 :)
  2. What exactly is your celeron processor? Is it a netburst celeron D or celeron dual core or something else...? And what is its frequency?
    Because newer celerons (E1000, E3000 series) should be more than enough to handle windows 7, older ones can be a little slower.
    And how much ram do you have? If it is 1 GB or less it can be the cause of slowdown under windows 7.
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