Just bought an MSI 7600GS, want to upgrade it, but to what ?

I bought a 7600GS out of haste in the shop because I needed to have a working PC by the morning for a new job.

My 7600GS

The guy at the shop said that in 2 weeks, he'll get MSI 7600GT cards that I can pay the difference & upgrade to.

All of these cards are PCI-E, PC fan noice does not bother me at all since the PC is at the base of the desk & I use headsets. I have been sleeping through 2 years with a modified AMD fan/heatsink rig that spins at 7500rpm 4 metres from my head so noise is no issue.

My question is, is it worth it ? Both of these cards seem to have only 256MB ram, is it time to get 512MB. I've read several reviews & they have often rated 512MB cards below better 256MB cards.

My problem is, is paying the cost difference between 7600GS & GT worth it ?

How about if I just went to a 7900GS (a costly alternative). Is the performance difference between the 7600GT & 7900GS worth it ?

The PC will be used purely for oracle/word processing in the mornings & BF2 & WoW at night. The PC needs to last me 2 years atleast.

I have read the GFX guide & this is what brought the question up. the 7600GT seems to be decently better than the 7600GS. Is the 7900GS decently better than the 7600GT for a small increase in price.

I have $130 extra to upgrade my 7600GS, but my choices are limited.
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  1. Look deep into the specs of all the cards, and read this article. I think the 7600GT would be the better choice since the 7900GS seems to have less pixelpipelines than the regular 7900 so it might perform on pair with the 7600GT. And the 7600GT is a very good buy for under $200.
    hmm you should read this other article too, to consider ATI cards as well.
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