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i want to get an amd 3800x2 and overclock it on air as much as i can i would like to know how much it can be overclocked and what mobo i should get i have been looking at the abit boards. i also want to upgrade my video card and ram for under 500 bucks. i would also like to know what speed you guys think i should run everything at. thanks for any help
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  1. all the parts i listed i want new im replacing my old mobo, cpu,and video card. i basicly want a gaming style computer that can handle oblivian.
  2. well im trying to only spend 500 bucks but i think the e6300 is the way to go but how about a compatible mobo and a decent video card?
  3. thanks for the suggestions im open to any changes on the mobo and video card but would like to keep the cpu. also is a gig of ram enough if so what brands are good and what speeds should i tweak the cpu and ram to?
  4. Considering the Xbox version of Oblivion uses cut-down graphics, keep that thought about updating your PC. However, it also requires loads of CPU power - and right now, if you're not afraid of overclocking, Intel core2 chips are the way to go. Now if you want to stay resolutely in the AMD camp, getting an AM2-based system fit with a X2 3800 has some merit (real cheap dual core, quite good overclockability on air provided you get an overclock-friendly motherboard) and you can still upgrade it later - depending on what AMD has in store for the future.
  5. im going to wait another 3-4 weeks either way because i dont get paid until then so it works out and i will save some money.
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