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Wow, this section hasn't got much lovin'. I saw a few of your videos (maybe 10) and I think they're alright. Not great but not bad either. (I'll have to watch them again to give a better review.)

That 3dGameMan though...he's scary. How often does he breathe?
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  1. Only you would post here just to post [/Kettle] :twisted:

    The videos have been very informative so far however i tend to enjoy the articles better than the videos.

    As for 3dGameMan its good to see him around. Although it should have had Sherry. Its not the same without her. :lol:
  2. Hey guys I am glad you guys like the videos and would greatly appreciatie any suggestions or comments on how we can improve the videos.

    Your TG Inside Guy
  3. I'd like to see some videos geared for newbies, as there seems to be common problems/mistakes posted over-and over. Video seems to be a better media for showing somebody the proper way - rather than a step-by-step list.

    Suggested topics:
    Installing the stock socket 775 heastsink fan.
    How to properly apply thermal compound.
    How to set permissions/ownership for Vista filesharing.
    Maybe even a step-by-step build of a complete system.
  4. Strongly agreed with E2D

    Suggested topics:
    -RAID and why it is important ( I can't stand when a n00b states that RAID is not safe).
    -How to properly install a water cooling system (primarily focus on no bubbles)
    -Walk thru Bios for overclockers

    I'll think some more on this and add more later.
  5. Just saw the bacon sandwich overclocking vid... that was funny, lol!

    Yeah, i agree I would like to see a watercooling video and perhaps some info on how to pick out watercooling parts as well.
  6. I agree with suggestions so far. Work on the newb stuff and then we can get to the nitty-gritty without any complaints from the cheap seats. :wink:

    - I'd like to see a video card overclocking guide as well.
    - Also demonstrate benchmarking and testing a successful overclock. Demonstrate the tell-tale signs of an unsuccessful OC (with ATItool, etc).
    - For your software section, do a review of Ubuntu or a comparison of Linux distros.
    - Demonstrate some Linux 101 (The Windows Way vs. The Linux Way)
    - Do the same things with Vista (review it, compare versions, and demonstrate the difference between it and XP)

    Above all, remember you're independent, so give us the details we won't get from developers/manufacturers. Be thorough more than funny. We'll laugh more if you demonstrate your professionalism first.

  7. I second this... Good call VB.
    :trophy: :trophy: :trophy:
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