Up grading processor. First time in ages.

I will be up grading my processor from my old P4 2.533

to either

AMD Athlon 64 (ADA3800BVBOX) X2 3800+ Socket 939 Dual Core 2.0ghz 512Kb and 512Kb Cache

Intel Pentium D 930 (BX80553930) Dual Core 3.00GHz FSB 800 2 X 2Mb Cache 775

But then i thought do i really need a duel core? I generally play games and surf, listen to music, watch video etc etc, but rarely do all these at once.

So what do you think about the above processors? Also i was thinking about going for AMD to save money but it always seems as though the mother boards cost more for AMD so i loose what i save.

Also on a second note what the difference between the above intel processor and an Intel core 2 duo?

Christ, and these AM2 processors as well. Why cant they just make it easy.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. What are the complete specs on your 'rig, especially the memory and GPU ?

    Also, how much are you willing to spend ?
  2. Im working in pounds here.

    I will have to get new RAM and a new Motherboard to fit with the processor.
    As you can see im willing to go up to £130 for the processor and about £80 for the MB.
    RAM will be another adventure for me to complete, but shouldnt be too hard when i work out the MB and processor.

    I just want to be fairly carefull im not buying hardware that will go out of date/production too soon. Its been a while since i built my pc.
  3. The reason why I am asking about the specs of your old computer is that some hybrid motherboards support older RAM and video cards, giving you a very flexible and long upgrade path. Obviously, knowing what kind of hardware you have in your old computer will determine whether doing so is worth it or not.

    Also, knowing how much you are willing to spend total will greatly help, there is more to a computer than just the CPU/MEM/mobo...
  4. My MB is very old. Its a intel pesv, only takes processors up to 533fsb... and will not take the latest 800fsb processors (especially not AMD). My RAM is PC2700 which is the max that board will take.

    Really the only components im having trouble getting sorted are the processor and motherboard.
    The graphics card and RAM im not so bothered about yet.

    Looking at the link prozac26 gave me has given me more questions to ponder over.
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