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Increase subscore for windows 7

increase my subscore ?can anyone help me please :bounce:
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  1. Which subscore? Processor? Memory? Graphics? Hard disk?
  2. quad core zeon with 24 gigs of ram and an ati 6850 graphics card should do it!
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    crazzycouple said:
    increase my subscore ?can anyone help me please :bounce:

    For all I know, the only way to increase subscores is to buy better hardware. That is, the GPU, CPU, RAM etc. What is your current subscore. Also, list out your PC specs.
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  5. hi i am a new be when it comes to my computer. So where do i get the info you asked for?Iam running windows 7 ultimate 32 bit that all i know for sure.
  6. Right click on My Computer and select properties.
    Under system
    Rating : ' your subscore here'

    Mine's 3.4.
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