Is a GeForce 7800GTX worth buying these days?

I know the 7900series are much better than the 7800 but i have a micro case and i dont think the 7900GTX will fit because of its duel slot cooler.
But then i was looking at the 7900GT witch dont have these so witch would perform better 7900GT or a 7800GTX?
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  1. 7900GT.
  2. 7800gtx = over priced crap.. so yeah, as prozac said, 7900gt! too bad u cant have a dual slot cooler.. hen u could get an x1800xt.. and why the crap would u want a 7900gtx for more than $400? when u can get an ati x1900xtx for less than $390!!!! and that thing (in my opinion) is better than the 7900gtx! this time around ati came out ahead of nvidia
  3. Quote:
    when u can get an ati x1900xtx for less than $390!!!!

    Try less than $290 bud....
  4. Quote:
    when u can get an ati x1900xtx for less than $390!!!!

    Try less than $290 bud....

    true, but thats after rebate.. either way its such a better deal, i havent been able to get on to see the most recent prices (it doesnt open for some reason.. could it be that i use firefox?)
  5. Doubt it....opens fine for me.
  6. hmm strange... im wondering, how much do u think i cant get an x1900xt within the next 2 weeks? (if i am able to sell my pc im gonna get a new one), just to let u know, my budget is about $700 give or take
  7. Buy an X1900XT?

    IDK, I'm sure you could get an Open box; OEM or 2nd hand for quite cheap.
  8. well i think for $730 i was able to get:

    - x2 3800
    - 2gb either ddr 400/500 (for s939) or ddr2 800 (for am2)
    - coolmax 500w with active PFC
    - asus nforce4 / xpress 200
    - MSI x1900xt ($275 after rebate)
    - Seagate SATA 3,0gb/s (prependicular reading)

    ohh yeah, i wouldnt need to put a cd drive or case in
  9. 7900GT is a bit better performance than 7800GTX, plus the 7900 runs cooler. If you get the 7900GT, then just make sure you get one of the ones with the big fan, like this eVGA 7900GT KO.
  10. Trust me...stay the frick away from any 7800GTX. I speak from experience. I made the most awful mistake six months ago by purchasing a 2nd eVGA 7800GTX. I wanted an SLI setup and did absolutely no research. Was a major impulse buy!

    Things are slightly better now that I have both OC’d with water cooling and running games very well. Plain and simple, the 7800GTX is really not worth the cost.
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