Upgrade Athlon 1.7->Intel c2d 6300, XP Pro sees one CPU !

I just upgraded from an old Athlon 1.7 to a new core2duo 6300 and an Asus P5V-VM DH motherboard.

After a lot of trouble now the xp pro work without any errors, while i kept my boot harddisk with everything. BUT while in the device manager i see two cpus (and in the boot it reports dual core), in the task manager and in cpu-z i see only one core.

Any ideas what to search or what to do next ?


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  1. Its simply the HAL.. Hardware Abstraction Layer..

    If you go into Device manager you will see in the Computer part that its Uniprocessor rather than MultiProcessor

    Have a look at this link to change it for you


    The one you will need is ACPI Multiprocessor PC

    Hope that helps

  2. TheGingerOne is right on, switching to the MultiProcessor HAL will allow your OS to use two cores but I need to add that complete XP reinstall may be needed in order to eliminate any underlying issues, after all, you switched to a new motherboard and CPU while keeping your old OS, expect problems down the road...
  3. Thats a given.. its recommended that you do a clean install because of the changes of the chipset and all the other stuff that is on the motherboard.

    Changing the HAL is just so you cna see both processors rather than a long term fix
  4. TheGingerOne is right on.

    I would say it sounds like you should do a clean install so that you don't run into any issues down the line related to this. It's not a recommended procedure to upgrade your mobo/cpu and keep "the boot harddisk with everything". (I'm assuming that means that you tried to keep the same install of XP with new components.)

    When upgrading you should just find a cheap external HDD to dump your files to before formatting your primary partition.
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