Core 2 X6800 Water Cooling Project - Need Your Advice

OK, I finally decided I want to watercool my X6800 so I can head north of 4Ghz. Below is my setup. I don't have the best MB for OCing but I've seen good results posted other places with the D975XBX. I have a $300 max budget including ship charges. I've looked at Swiftech and DengerDen, Corsair, and Thermaltake. Do I need a Northbridge cooler? What about one for the X19000XTX? Will it need two radiators? In what order would the flow go? I've built lots of systems but nothing like this one and never watercooled. The latest Maximum PC made it look easy, so give me good advice (concensus would be great too)

My Rig:
Core 2 Duo X6800 Conroe
Intel D975XBXLRK - 304
Thermaltake Big Typhoon HSF
2 GB Corsair Pro PC6400 4-4-4-15
74GB 10K Raptor HD
Soundblaster Audigy 2 SZ
NEC OEM DVD Burners (x2)
Ultra FD/Card Reader USB Combo
Gigabyte 3D Aurora Case
Ultra X-Finity 600W SLi Certified PSU
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  1. Alright, let's try and answer this in a way so that we can make this as painless as possible.

    First thing, the northbridge controls memory functions (less with AMD systems as they have an ondie memory controller on their chip), coordinates with the PCIe and AGP lanes and bridges the gap between the CPU and system memory (ram). That being said, cooling a northbridge is never a bad thing for an Intel chipset, especially if you overclock. However, that board you have uses the odd "hook" design for clamping northbridge heatsinks and the waterblocks that use that just aren't really very secure, it's just too easy for the pressure of the tubing to tilt the waterblock. I wouldn't opt for a northbridge waterblock in this case - just make sure that you have good airstream through your computer.

    Now, about that GPU. The X1900XTX is basically referred to as a a heat furnace. I think it pumps out something along the lines of 130 watts of heat on load. A good waterblock for it would be nice.

    Before I suggested any equiptment, though, I'd like to ask you about your case. I believe that you have a fan in the lower front. Is it possible to put something next to it? I know that there is some kind os tructure next to the fan - is htat for the HDDs? Can it be moved? If need be, you may have to use some form of drivebay pump/reservoir combination because of space limitations.

    As far as how the cooling llop would be, that will, ultimately, depend on what equiptment is decided upon based on further fators. However, I'll list my watercooling systemand loop to give you an idea.

    Watercooling System
    1/2 ID inch tygon tubing (11/16 OD R3603)
    Swiftech MCP655 Pump
    Danger Den Koolsah GPU Waterblock
    Voltage Regulator waterblock for 7900 GTX
    Maze 4 Northbridge Waterblock
    Custom Drivebay Reservoir
    Swiftech Peltier 226watt waterblock
    Bay drive voltage adjuster for CPU Peltier Waterblock
    (2) dual 120mm rads (mounted externally) - each has 4 120mm fans in a "push-pull" configuration
    Meanwell 600 SE12 Secondary PSU (for peltier)

    Watercooling loop:

    Reservoir - Pump - CPU waterblock (peltier) - 1st external dual 120mm rad - GPU waterblock - NB waterblock - 2nd external dual 120mm rad - back to reservoir
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