Logitech Cordless Keyboard and Cordless Mouseman Optical

I just boght the Logitech Cordless Keyboard and the Logitech Cordless Mouseman Optical mouse from a garage sale for a dollar, mostly because i figured even without the usb transmitter i can still get a new one to work with these peripherals. How would i go about getting a new usb transmitter, and how would i go about getting it to work with these peripherals?
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  1. You will need to get one from Logitech
  2. ebay
  3. ok now that i know where to get it would it work even if it is not the usb transmitter that came with the specific mouse and keyboard as long as it is built for the same model of mouse and keyboard?
  4. Yes, when the mouse and keyboard are powered up they should synchronize with the first transmitter they find.
  5. PhilFrisbie said:
    Yes, when the mouse and keyboard are powered up they should synchronize with the first transmitter they find.

    Not true at all. The older Logitech devices had a proprietary RF receiver that only worked with a select few devices. The newer receivers, especially the unified ones, will not work with all their devices. To adequately determine which one is required, we need to know the exact model of keyboard and mouse so that a proper receiver can be paired with it.
  6. In regards to calling Logitech to get a replacement, they usually do not keep parts in stock for products that are out of production. But you can call them and they may be able to assist you further.

    A long time ago, I found a listing of all Logitech receivers that listed their frequencies and which devices they would work with. I'll look and see if I can find it again. In the mean time, can you post the model numbers of your keyboard and mouse? This information is located on the bottom and looks like this: M/N: M-RM63. That is the model number for the Cordless Mouseman. If these numbers are worn off, you can go to Logitech's support page and look through the product pictures and find one that matches.

    I found 3 products that matched "Logitech Cordless Keyboard" and "Cordless Mouseman Optical".

    Cordless Access Duo (White) http://www.logitech.com/en-us/support-downloads/downloads/keyboard-mice-combos/legacy-devices/3372?WT.z_sp=Model
    Cordless Access Duo Optical (Black) http://www.logitech.com/en-us/support-downloads/downloads/keyboard-mice-combos/legacy-devices/3360?WT.z_sp=Model
    Cordless Elite Duo (Black) http://www.logitech.com/en-us/support-downloads/downloads/keyboard-mice-combos/legacy-devices/3366?WT.z_sp=Model

    Do any of these match yours?
  7. Here is a link to a receiver I found on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/Logitech-C-BG17-DUAL-USB-PS-2-Cordless-Mouse-Receiver-/380341033837?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item588e179b6d. This should work with all 3 of the above keyboard/mouse combos.
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