Athlon-fx 60 running hot. Kingwin Cooler not working? help!


I have an athlon fx-60 running on an Asus A8N32-SLI deluxe with 4 gigs of ram. I'm using a Kingwin aquastar liquid cooling system on my cpu. I'm also using the proper amount of Artic Silver 5.

Now, my idel temp seems to be around 44-47(celcious) and under load it can jump over 62. It hit 69 at one point. I'm using prime95 and sandra's burn-in process to test its load. I see lots of other people saying they are getting much lower temps.

My room's temp is around 23.

Now...It seems like these are really high to me and I can't figure out if its my mobo not working (this would be the second one sent to me. I had to RMA it already...grrrrrr) or my liquid cooling system or something else. Is this possibly a mobo issue?

Any ideas or advice?
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  1. the fx 60 and 62 do run hot though so i wouldnt be too suprised although if you're using a liquid cooling solution then well you'd expect the temps to be lower....
    however i havent heard of this brand or this liquid cooler at all i searchd on google and it looks like its a budget model >$100, it looks a lot like the coolermaster aquagate as well, the aquagate isnt supposed to be very good.... :oops:
    put the stock cooler on and test the temps, that way youll see if the liquid cooling cools the cpu down as much as the stock fan cooling. then you know if the liquid cooler is just no good (not as good as the stock) or if the liquid cooler is better than stock that either the motherboard is faulty (temp sensors) or that the aquastar is just not as good as a high performance 120mm HS/F :P

  2. If you are using a pre built, budget model water cooling setup, then don't expect any fantibulous temps or anything with it, low end water cooling is just about as good as stock cooling, sometimes worse, sometimes a bit better. You may just want to return it, if possible, and buy some good air cooling, like a zalman or a nice 120mm HS/F. They're big, but they're cheaper than your watercooling, and would do a much better job.
  3. if you want liquid cooling you're best off taking back the aquastar and getting a thermaltake bigwater 735 or 745 (745 is better)
  4. thanks for the advice. Its too bad because all the reviews i have read about this cooling system have been very positive. I can't return it now :( Its too late for that.

    The key to my system is that it needs to be as quiet as possible. It going to be used in a recording studio enviroment. I don't really care if its water or air, it just needs to be quiet (or at least adjustable to be quiet when needed).

    Any specific models of air cooling would be good to look at. I saw something about Zalman.

    I'm still pretty new to water cooling so I don't know if i'm ready to tackel putting together a complete system from scratch.
  5. wusy you cant really use the the fx 60 and sythe ninja passively, i mean it'd throtle right ? i think someone mentioning that you sholdnt use the ninja passivly on a e6400 core 2 duo (which is cooler but then i dont know if they were overclocking or not...)
    btw the sythe ninja plus has a 120mm fan included which should be almost silent (20-25 db)...

    silent enough? :)
  6. your kit is a POS

    problem solved
  7. yeah...that REALLY helped....

    to the others in this forums...thanks for the advice. I just ordered a ninja plus so hopefully that will solve the issues.
  8. now..should i have a fan in the front bringing air in?

    i've read in several places this is bad idea but i have also read that this is good idea. Kinda stumped now.
  9. there's space for one so its not an issue. Has a little filter for it as i just discovered.

    there is already a rear 120mm fan in the back but i don't have it on because my power supply has its own fan sucking up the hot air (seasonic 600watt). Didn't know if it would be a good idea to have both going.
  10. this is a follow up.
    I just installed the scythe ninja and my idel is around 38 - 39 and during the prime 95 tortue test, its sitting around 48-49 for the last little while. I'm hoping that number will go down once the artic silver has had a chance to do its thing (turned on and off).

    Basicly, so far, so good :)

    I still have a front fan to install and then i can close it up and really start using it.

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