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I was searching pictures with Google and accidentally got directed to the not-so-secure site that showed a pop-up window saying something about that "rogue" MS Removal Tool program. Pop-up had only OK button and close function at the top corner.

After considering I didn't press neither and closed Google Chrome using task manager. I restarted my computer several times to determine to if I got the infection, but apparently I dodged the bullet this time.

Is it possible for MS Removal Tool to install itself using only pop-up or does it require install before it can activate itself and wreck havoc?
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  1. You are probably fine, often those viruses require you to run a executable that downloads.

    I would still strongly advise running a virus scan and checking your system for irregularities.
  2. I have visited many sites like this that bring up a fake anti-virus pop up. You can’t be infected by the pop up unless you agree to download and “RUN” the fake anti-virus software. Clicking on the top right hand size close cross is the probably safest way to get rid of the pop up. This type of software is called scareware in that it gives false reports of virus infections and asks for money to remove the non existing threats and can sometimes also do other nasty things.
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