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ok yesterday i was playing around with a steering wheel and i think i crossed some pwr wires. i think i shorted out something on the mother board. the usbs would not work so i restarted it. no boot. wouldnt do anything after the post screen just the blinking cursor in the top left corner. so i try to and unplug hdd, nothing works. i finally just wiped all the hdds and reinstall win7. working fine. installed updates and video drivers and restarted same thing. no boot. can boot from dvd but thats just the install dics. try to repair but it doesnt see windows. i dont know what to do.
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  1. Have you assigned the correct boot device in BIOS? Double and triple check you are trying to boot from the correct device (check HD boot order)
  2. yes sir. time and time again.
  3. So, when does it work in general? Does it look like the drive has problems, the motherboard or both?
  4. ummm, the only time it works is after a fresh install. The bios show the hdd, but it just doesn't boot. it seems to post fine. i have switch the hdd from the original install.
  5. That sounds really bizzare... Having short circuited the motherboard, you could have caused irreversible damage to any of the components (including the BIOS chip), therefore exhibiting this strange problem. I would try to flash the BIOS of the mobo. If that doesn't help I woule probably look for another motherboard, as you can't really trust this one any more.
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