Seagate and ATA 100

I'm stuck with IDE ports, so I wonder:
Why does Seagate continue to market the drives using ata 100 when all other manufacturers use ata 133? Does it affect performance when loading large files(guess that's the only time when burst mode comes to effect)? Sometimes this PC loads 600MB+ files into Photoshop, does that mean it will load them querter of the time slower(ata 100 vs ata 133)?
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  1. ATA 100 vs ATA 133 makes not difference. No IDE hard drive even comes close to reaching the speed limit imposed by the ATA 100 interface.

    The same is true of SATA 1.5 vs SATA 3.0. The speed limit imposed by the bus doesn't matter if the hard drive is incapable of reaching those speeds.

    Burst speed refers only to transfers from the hard drives 2-16 MB of cache memory.

    Burst speed has zero effect on performance. Its just a way of measuring the speed limit imposed by the interface.

    Your system memory is much faster than the cache on the hard drive and your OS keeps its own read and write cache for each hard drive.

    The cache is just working memory for the hard drive.
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