$99 X1650 PRO review

Slightly overclocked X1600 XT, on ther smaller 80 nm process and repriced to butt heads with the 7600 GS:


Not bad... beats the 7600 GS pretty much every time, by about 10% - sometimes more.

This is probably the first SKU with a less-than-$100 original msrp that really beats up the legendary 9700 PRO. I've been waiting for that to happen... it's the end of an era, folks. :)
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  1. Besting 7600GS for that list price is nice to see for sure. Now slap a rialto on the back, don't charge for it :roll: , and the ludites will surely rejoice. :P

    I would think this would seriously lower X1600 pro prices.
  2. Too bad they didn't do power consumption numbers that's what I'd be really interested in. A power comparison between the RV530XT X1600XT and the RV535XT X1650Pro would determine how efficient the 80nm process really is.

    In terms of the X1650Pro's price advantage over the 7600GS, I don't think it'll be there long. The RV570 X1950Pro is supposed to come in at $199 and with the 7600GT unable to compete, my understanding is that there will be a new 7900GS at $199. The RV560 X1650XT and 7600GT will then be around $149 and the RV535XT X1650Pro and 7600GS at $99.

    I would think this would seriously lower X1600 pro prices.

    The X1600Pro has been relabeled the X1300XT and the X1650Pro is actually the old X1600XT.

    The latest roadmap is here:


    It's missing the RV550 though which should probably be around $149.
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