nForce 590 SLI Intel Edition slower than Asus nForce 4?

Ok, so I'm reading thru CPU magazine Sept 2006 issue and they have an article testing the X6800 Core 2 (currently sitting on my desk waiting for a motherboard) in various existing retail boards and with a reference design nForce 590 SLI.

The worst performing board in just about every category was the "hot new" nForce 590 SLI Intel Edition board. I'll admit the difference aren't huge between the other retail Asus boards (such as the P5N32-SLI SE rev 2) but that has me wondering if I should wait for the 590 SLI at all?

Other than the onboard NICs (which I can purchase separately) that are more gamer friendly (in terms of QoS), I'm not seeing must have features in the 590? Am I missing something?

I realize the final retail 590 boards maybe tweaked to be better performers, but it'll have to be some serious tweaking to make the board that much better than existing Core 2 motherboards. And I'm still not even seeing any listing at DFI or Asus regarding 590 SLI Intel Edition boards -- is their a problem?

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  1. I posted in the Motherboards forum, not overclocking?

    So you believe the 975X has more overclocking potential?

    What I can tell you is the nForce4 SLI 16X IE rev.C1 used in nForce 590 SLI IE is an improvement...

    Not sure I understand you - these are two different chipsets?

  2. The nForce 4 has had time for drivers and BIOS to mature. Give the 590 a year or two and the new drivers and BIOS will probably help the performance catch up.
  3. Not sure what your browser is displaying, but mind shows Home -> Hardware -> Motherboards -- nothing about overclocking. Maybe you've got some older IE cached items?

    Good info on the rev.C1. thank you.

    As far as reading -- why limit your statement to just magazines -- it's all media just presented in different formats and mediums -- this forum being one of many. The good part of reading certain good magazines is that the folks writing the information do have at least some background credit to their names where a post(s) on forums like this or others has no formal background check. But as with all things I've read, I filter, I review, I read more, I go thru the standard process of digestion. Some info is good, some bad, some ugly, some partially good -- add water, mix with intelligence and more often than not a good decision can be made (it just takes some work).

    For example, your usage of "d00d" and "n00bz" immediately raises a red flag to me -- it implies youth, emotion, and irrelevant context. Not saying your info isn't accurate, but it will perk up my media filters and cause additional validation with other sources.

  4. Found the forum category link and yes it does indeed show overclocking -- odd that it is different from what is posted above when I actually make a post/reply.

    I pretend to not know anyone's capability, it will come out in what they write. I do agree that magazine articles are often 2-3 months behind the times.

    Wasn't suggesting you not use slang (ghetto speak), it just detracts from your information when I'm reading.

    As you can see, I post a lot less than I browse.

    That being said, the build is almost complete -- just down to memory and the final candidate for the Intel D975XBX is OCZ Platinum 2GB that I hope will run at 4-3-4-14 2.3v even though the D975XBX is rated for v1.8 I'm hoping it can go upto 2.3v??
  5. Can't find anything in Intel white papers on the 2.1v cap for the 975BXB?

    OCZ model OCZ2P10002GK

    Your guide leaves out the Intel board? I'm avoiding the Asus P5W DH because of the disclaimer that if I don't have the right bios it will not post with my X6800 and I have to get another processor to get it to post so I can update the BIOS to support X6800. I'm pretty surprised Asus would leave such a disclaimer on their web site.

    The Asus P5B looks interesting until I noticed the PCI-E limits -- I think a single GPU solution would work best in the P5B, but I have two 7800GTX 512MB that I want to try out.
  6. New to the forum ...Where is this "Guide" located...I'd like to read it.

  7. Ahhh...I see it in wusy's sig now that I've registered!
  8. very little still on the 590sli, how much more time does asus need?
  9. This is why I didn't wait.

    Also why I didn't wait for the next gen video cards to arrive.

    Fortunately the ATI X1900XTX is working well enough for me and it is considerably better at running FS9.1 than nVidia -- no more shimmering.

    I had to turn quality settings down in FS9.1 to get nVidia to look Ok. With ATI, the image quality is considerably better.

    I'm finally back at a point where I'm testing FS9.1 on my Core 2 @ 3.75Ghz and ATI X1900XT at 688/850. I WAS getting 2 fps (min) with my AMD FX57 and SLI 7800GTX 512MB, I'm only dropping to 12 fps (min) using the same flight/scenery/weather parameters on this new setup.

    It is not ALL roses though, AOEIII forced me to drop the 695/880 down to 688/850 as it would look up otherwise. Also, GT Legends displayed some odd frame skips at anything beyond 688/775. It seems I need to create ATI overclocking profiles specific to the game/app being used.

    I ruled out the CPU/MB as the problem because change the ATI GPU/Mem solved it (several hours of testing).

  10. @ Wusy

    Thankyou sir for the info on the 590sli intel chipset.

    I have been waiting for about 11 weeks for a mobo to appear , I was one of the lucky ones who got the e6600 in the first week of release but then waited for a 590.

    I have already paid for the board about 2 - 3 weeks ago , hopefully will recieve it this week ,but that said there is very little info on the matter and Nvidia and other firms are very tight lipped on the matter.

    Asus is usually the company who has the first board in all the chipsets but they too are hiding something or not revealing anything cos maybe like you have said they dont have anything.

    What worries me after i had paid £176 for the board which is clearly a high price for a board it doesnt do what other boards at that price does and this is the case for its delay.

    I think that the new P5N32-sli premium this being the reason may get a later date of it coming out and will only come with the C55 cos other wise the board is going to be dropped in the bin by eveyt reviewer that gets its hands on it.Especially when the last board in the same category with the same NB (P5N32-sli SE deluxe ) is very similar and is 30% cheaper.

    I have a 7950 and thats why I wanted a board that would support cards like these in the future.

    Anyway the info is very little and people like me could do with more info.
  11. @ wusy , thankyou very much for the insight on the 590 chipset situation.

    I have waited for a long time and hopefully the wait will end this week. I have overclocked a E6300 and overclocking it I saw something which was very different and the gain I saw in return say after about 1ghz of overclock.

    I saw that it wasnt worth it , you had to do soo much for so little. That said if i can even get my E6600 to 3.2ghz I will be very happy. It does seem likely but with the BIOS ageing I might see a little gain for time to come.

    However I do feel that I have been conned by Nvidia,s chipset , it is priced the same as 975x and doesnt live up to there standards.Also we invest in a 7950 (quite a overkill of a card anyway) and then the cpu FSB is bottlenecked but we still had to pay the full price for it.

    How ever there is one thing that is doing my head is that on the asus premium they have 3 pciex16 and can the C19 support this or has asus something different in store for us?
  12. The word is Oct 2006 w=1

    Any one in the know of earlier release dates?
  13. the link doesnt work but if its the link where they show you the boards which are suppose to be coming out then i have seen that link.
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