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Hey guys, I just finished reading the sticky on how to OC a 9800 pro however, the sticky as well as other links i've read only refer to OCing a 9800 pro with 128mb of memory, mine has 256mb of memory, its a Saphire card. Im using this site as a guide right now on what to do, any help is appreciated thanks!

Edit: I know my card has the 360core, because i saw it, the box the card came in said it was a 256mb model, however there are only 8 memory chips total on my card, so which one do I have? I read that if i had a 256mb model it would have 16 memory chips, thanks.
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  1. Well, lol I'd tell you the coding however i just put heatsinks on them because i bought a Zalman cooler, I know the ram is Hynax or Hynix, not samsung. ATITool also says i have 256 memory, but you seem WAY more knowledgable about this then me, so ill let you make the call.

    Not sure if this information will help but here goes:

    Core: 378mhz
    Mem: 324mhz

    ATITool also says my core is 350, however i know its not, because i read 360
    on the chip itself, thanks Wusy!

    Edit: Also there is this little white sticker on the board that says:
    Radeon 9800 pro 256m DDR V/D VO
  2. Sweet, thanks alot for your time man, I appreciate it.

    Now on to OCing it. Will I be able to flash in a 9800xt bios? Or would it be just as beneficial to OC it using ATITool?

    Again, thanks for your time, you rock! :P
  3. Wierd.

    Anywho. R360 is the 9800XT core. So a biosflash from PRO-->XT would be most beneficial. Then you can begin the overclock using ATI tool.
    Core first, then the mem.
  4. Quote:
    Flashing BIOS... I learnt through other's mistake

    Go here to find the BIOS you need.
    Make sure you find a 9800 XT 256MB for Hynix RAM BIOS then use an ATI BIOS editor to drop the default RAM speed down to your one for safe buffer.

    On that site it allows me to change the clock and memory settings, so you're saying change the memory to the stock 9800 frequency (324)?
  5. Alright man, I'm having some trouble. Every time i try to make a boot disk for this the little window pops up that gives you the option to format and when i click on the msdos disc option and then click format, the progress bar doesnt even move and then the window goes back to how it is when you open it.

    I also tried doing this from bootdisk.com and downloading a windows 98 msdos boot disc and when i try that it says i have an error on sector 0 or something like that and doesnt let me do it, I've tried this with two floppy drives and new floppys, any suggestions?
  6. Are you using a 1.44mb floppy or a 7xxkb (whatever it is) floppy. I remember once that same thing happened when I had a 7xxkb floppy and accidently tried to format it as a 1.44mb. Completely ruins the disk and you cant reformat it correctly either.
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