Help with fan arrangement/install to lower A8N32-SLI temps

This Newbie's goal was to lower my MB and CPU temps. I have the following for my computer:

--Sonata II Case with 120mm Yateloon fans on front/rear of case at max rpms
--Asus A8N32-SLI Motherboard with Arctic Cooler Freezer 64 Pro at max rpms (Installed with AS 5)
--EVGA 6800 Ultra Video Card with zalman VF700-Cu fan (installed with AS 5) and runs at max rpms
--Ultra X-finity 500 watt PSU (no fan control)

Front and Rear Yateloons hooked up to PSU. CPU hooked up to CPU header. VF700 currently hooked up to Fan Chassis 1 header. (I originally had it hooked up to PSU with 5V/12V wire splitter that came with it, but it would not remain at 1350 rpm's. I was hoping to hook it up to MB and use speedfan to control it, but to no avail.)

I thought maybe the card was heating up too much, so I modified the Sonata air duct. I took the air duct from the Sonata, cut it in half, cut the 80mm fan opening out to mount a 120mm Yateloon halfway inside it to blow fresh air from rear of case down on my video card and surrounding area, and sealed up all unnecessary openings.

My goal in all of this was to lower MB and CPU temps. CPU temps have gone down due to Arctic Cooler (YEAH!). However MB has remained the same. Removed 2 PCI cover openings in back to allow more air to escape...still same MB temp. Here is what I have found on the net:

--Cut out front bezel on case to improve airflow through front fan. (not done yet.)

--Use Stock 92mm AMD fan and attach below front 120mm fan to blow air onto Southbride (not done yet).

--Get Zalman fan controller(s) and regulate fans so more coming in front than leaving rear.

--Install heatsink and/or fan directly on southbridge to help cool it more.

--Hide/route cables behind HDs and other crevices/openings to allow maximum airflow (done!)

I need help in figuring out the best possible arrangement for fans/air flow in my case to lower MB temp. I also need help in determining which fans should be installed into which headers or into PSU (I already know CPU goes into CPU header...duh!) to get best airflow and to be able to regulate RPM's for a somewhat quiet PC. Finally, should I reverse the 120mm fan in the air duct to remove air out of the PC? (I do not really want to do this because of the undoing of my duct taping skills and screws for attaching fan.

Thanks for your help and input in this! It is much appreciated!
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  1. Where is the love? Is thjere no one who can help me (or wants to?)?
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