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Hi all, I'm about to order my new rig but I'm not sure which hard drive to go for. There are at least 2 150 gig raptors to choose from but one of them includes this thing which is called tler which checks data errors and shouldnt be used (according to some people) for desktop pc's. The other raptor doesnt have this facility. The cheaper one has tler ironically so does anyone have any ideas which one I can safely go for?
Also I want to buy a second large hard drive for storage but can't decide which one. I don't mind spending a little over the top but the reviews are so confusing so readers experience would be appreciated. I do alot of music production so using the largest hard drive as a scratch disc comes into play. thanks in advance chaps.
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  1. as far as i am aware, the only 2 raptors are the standard raptor and the raptor with a window (raptor-x), however, seeing as you are saying that there are other versions, i would recommend the version you are saying doesn't have TLER, because of the fact that it is not in a "RAID 1 or higher" array

    the Raptor enjoys Time Limited Error Recovery (TLER, a feature that prevents false drive dropouts on RAID levels 1 and greater) and Rotary Acceleration Forward Feed (RAFF, electronics that sense and compensate for the vibration commonly found in multi-drive installations that may adversely affect performace), two features that debuted with the Caviar RE. This time around, thankfully, TLER ships disabled by default and may be enabled via a utility for installations that would benefit from the feature.

    Storage Review Article

    so whichever version you get, i think it's disabled by default, and if it isn't, you can disable it.

    sorry if i wasn't specific enough, if i left any questions i will try and answer them

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