overclock? e6700

i read the guide to overclock an intel conroe and the guide sipped over e6700 (it listed e6600, x6800) do i just do the same thing as with one of those processors since they are very close and similar?

any advice on overclocking my new system?
p5b deluxe wifi-ap
MSI 7950gx2
(4) 1Gb pc5300 kingston valueram -4gb total
(2) 74 gb raptors in raid 0
antec 550W truepower2.0
creative x-fi music extreme
antec lanboy case (moded with 120cm side fan right beside the video card)

any suggestions? im runing everything at default with stock cooler. that is the first thing to be upgraded for over clock but i havent been able to decide what to go with since i have very limmited space in my case.
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  1. thanks a million! i'll look forward to reading the revised version. also any one know how to change cpu/ram ratio? it says its runing 4:5 but i haven't found the setting to change it to 1:1 maybe with proper overclock? i havent built a system in the last 6 years been trying to save up for one finally got the parts but fine tuning throws me off
  2. thanks again. i've attempted to boost it to 333 manually before without change to voltages and lets just say it didnt like to boot and had to use cpr feature to restore original settings i'll boost voltages later when i have time and try try again...thanks for all the help and i'll be sure to look for revisions on the matter. (btw, nice cat i dont have time to keep a real one but should buy a tiny robot cat that mimics characteristics when they come out so theres nothing to clean up after it lol)
  3. I seem to have a stable overclock with my e6700. Prime95 has been running about an hour now with no errors. This is my first attempt at overclocking (even though I've been building my own systems for years).

    Here are my specs:

    Asus p5b deluxe wifi
    4gb corsair ddr2-1066
    2.5 tb hd array
    xfx geforce 7950gx2

    Fsb frequency is 333 (thus 3.34 ghz), vcore is 1.45v, everything else is set to auto. Seems pretty stable. Wusy, any ideas to crank it up a bit, or do you think it's nearly maxed out?


    Boo, just as soon as I posted that, prime95 got an error. I'm going to try upping the vcore a bit.
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