Physics cards?

When are they going to become standard components in computers?

They are going to change the way games are played--so why are game developers and hardware manufacturers taking their time with it?

I want to blow things to 80 bajillion pieces and particles, durn it. I want to flip tables over and shoot doors down with a shotgun. I want to jump into a ball pit without having to go to Chuck E. Cheese's.
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  1. As a standard?

    TBH I can't ever see a PPU becoming a PC standard. Why? Not all people play games that require physics calculation to that degree.

    A good portion of PC owner's consider solitare or pinball to be rather Xtreme.
  2. Physics aren't a MUST, like graphics are, as graphics define the very world of games.

    Let's just say it'll be a few more years before people will actually say: I MUST have a PPU, I Must, I Must..... 8)
  3. Although physics can look 'beautiful', like some sites/comments/scientist says, it didn't add much to gameplay other than you can have more interactions to things/npc around, as both ati & nvidia are doing right now with their havoc (correct me if i'm wrong) thing, you'll get physics as well.just wait a little longer
  4. Yeah, what the others said. I suspect it will be another 6-12 months before we know how sustainable a PPU will be. It takes a long time for developers to bring out a new game that would have the PhysX middleware fully integrated and used. DX10 may change that also, and we're waiting for ATI-AMD and nvidia to bring out their versions.

    I hope one of the solutions really takes off myself, so that games get much better in the physics department. Pretty looking water, rocks, and faces are nice enough, but I want fully destructable environments and being able to interact with everthing in the game.
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