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I have an x1800xt hooked up to my TV with Svideo. I have some .avi's that for some reason the audio is out of sink if I use Divx player. (Most .avis work fine.) For some reason, Divx player is the only media player I've found to work in full screen mode on my tv. WMP (which plays these files fine), Real player, and quicktime all fall to enter full screen mode. When I try, a black box appears were the player was, and the video shows up on the primary monitor in full screen mode.
So far I've tried turning off acceleration in both WMP and the display properties settings. It didn't help. From what I read, this is an issue with DirectDraw, but I haven't found a fix for it yet. Anyone got any ideas?
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  1. Sometimes AVI files are encoded with the sound out of sync. I have a few like that. As far as I know its to do with the fact that the video and the sound are processed seperatley, and then recombined. Sometimes the length of the video and sound differ, and so they end up out of sync.

    Try playing the AVI under WMP on the main screen and if the sound and video are still out of sync then its the AVI file. I don't have a clue how you would fix the AVI file.

    Rob Murphy
  2. OK, let me try again. Divx player fails to play the files correctly, but WMP plays them just fine. The audio is perfect, but only when its played with WMP. The problem is that Divx Player runs full screen just fine on the tv, but WMP doesn't. Its not a problem of getting these files to play with Divx player, but getting WMP to run full screen. (I might choose to play a .wmv sometime.) How do you play WMP on an Svideo TV out on a TV in full screen mode?
  3. Quote:
    for some reason the audio is out of sink

    Are you talking about the kitchen sink or the bathroom sink? :twisted:
  4. I'm talking about sync, better???

    Giving up on WMP, what else can play .wmvs + .avis? (and ofcourse run full screen on a tv through a second display.)
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