P5N32 SLI Deluxe with 2 intel HSFs and a Storm WB

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  1. my frieds in malaysia wanted to see the mb.....

    The problem was..... this MB had long heatpipes and I mounted the MB into a lian li PC V 1000.

    The MB being upside down didnt have enough liquid in the heat pipes to effectively cool my NB and SB.

    Aftermarket chipset coolers were expensive and did not allow enough room for me to install an SLI set up. (The SB was placed in the middle of the the two PCI e slots)

    So I made my own heat pipes and passive cooling system for my MB's NB and SB!

    With the storm WB and the two intel HSFs I have attached to my MB I can now push my MB just past 5.01 (was stock at 3.6)
  2. Nice man, so what pump are you using for that Storm water block? I'm asking cuz my new liquid cooling kit would be here this Friday and it happens that I have ordered the Storm rev.2 myself along with the MCP655 pump. How's your cooling performance? :)
  3. I have the same pump as you but I have the older storm water block.

    The pump is good, good head pressure and quiet. The pump goes well with storm because the jets inside need that pressure... If you take apart your water block you will know what I mean.

    I generally have a CPU temp of 40-45 under load. (I have OCed my Dual core 3.6 to 4.8 with 1.5 vots).

    To give you an idea how good the wc setup is: I used to use a zalman 7700CU I had my CPU at about 4.2 and it was about 70 deg under load. I couldnt push the CPU more because I was getting abit worried about the heat.

    So yes the water cooling helps quite a lot.....

    Make sure you get those 1/2 inch ID Tygon tubes...

    I use a Black Ice Extreme III rad + 6 Panflow fans...

    Dont use tap water try and get double distilled water.
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