First Build.. NO POWER HELP!

finally got my gfx card today so was able to finish off my build:

gigabyte DS3
seagate SATA 160gb
Powercolour x1900xt
Tagan 530 modular PSU (turned to combined not split)

plugged everything in..

plugged in the psu and a monitor... pressed the on button and NOTHING
no fans no lights no nothing at all.

what could be wrong *panics*
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  1. ok..

    the lead from the fpanel is going to the right spot, ive tried the connector in both ways round.

    the psu switch is on

    what do you mean by sorting the power pins with a screwdriver?
  2. right.
    sorting the pins didnt work

    i reseated all the connectors and now intermittently (like once in 10 times after witching the back switch on and off) i get power to the GFX card and i think the CPU fan for less than a second then off again....

  3. i have no volt meter :S

    so does all this points to a DOA psu?

    cos at the mo im proper frightened that ive fked something up :S
  4. just played about some more to see what actually comes on:

    The PSU fan comes on
    The CPU Fan comes on
    The GFX card comes on
    The power LED comes on
    The x1900 extpwr and t_fault little red LEDs come on.

    again these only comeon like after every 10-20 tries after removing th power cable, switching on and off etc and they only come on for a fraction of a second.

    according to what youve said almost def a PSU problem?
    if its a mobo problem whats wrong with it dya recon?

    unfortunatly voltmeter and im in the UK so prices are a bit more expensive (+i have no more money to spend :P)
  5. mpilch: thankyou so much for your help.. ive been kinda panicing since this is my first build and i thought i had messed things up.

    i am going to RMA the PSU for a new one and hopefully everything will be fine.

    Watch this space :)
  6. My last build did the same thing. I had neglected to plug the powersupply fan into the powersupply. There was a three pin wire that comes out the back of the power supply that needed to get plugged into the back of the power supply (kinda weird I know). After connecting this (this PS had modular cabling) it fired up fine. Good luck.
  7. man i have the same problem with very similar build
    GA DS3
    FPS 450W
    OCZ Gold 512 ddr2 800
    Evga 7600gt

    Just like you ive put this system together and when i fired it up it wouldnt turn on no power no beeps or anything at all ive RMA'd motherboard and powersupply just in case and they are suppose to be back tomorrow pls let me know if you find a solution its my first build too and im freaking out just as you are i will let you know if i can get it to work tomorrow
  8. You could try reseating the CPU. I did that wrong one time and the computer would not come on. Remember to apply Arctic Silver 5 again, after reseating.
  9. Rma arrived today.. Dead PSU it was because now its going nicely :D
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