Does poor memory stop overclocking or just reduce perf?

Given that memory can be run asynchronously, why does (or just does) having slow memory stop overclocking.

I'm thinking of some of Wusy's comments regarding memory and overclocking.

My situation is this, will be upgrading to the asrock Dual775VSTA and an E6600 but keeping my DDR400 and my 6600GT until the time is right to upgrade them, meanwhile I'll be wanting to put a mild overclock onto the E6600, will my RAM really be a problem, I understand that running asynchronously might be the most effective way of doing things and might create a performance drop vs optimum but as long as it is quicker than std then it is worth it?
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  1. Seeing as that motherboard doesnt allow proper CPU voltage adjustment, you may find This usefull.

    With DDR1 on that board you will probably just have to change the memory speed in BIOS, I used an ASRock motherboard before my current one, and it still says 'DDR 400' when you are o/ced to the extent that the RAM would be running at 600mhz or more.
  2. Thanks for both the replies, I'm treating this board as being interim until I have a full PCI-E and DDR2 set-up, and will then transition to a newer board, I'll also be using it to rotate my IDE HD collection to SATA given that the new boards do not support many IDE drives.

    The upshot from what I understand is that I'll be able to get a moderate overclock (as I cannot control voltage without modding), that will not be as effective as a similar overclock with Synchronous RAM or at least with a better CPU to DDR ratio.

    To that end I've got DDR400 as mentioned, timings are 2.5-3-3-8, they are Twinmos any thoughts as to the likelyhood of being able to overclock these? or would I need to, as these appear to be running at 400? or is that 2x200?
  3. 2x1Gb, don't know if twinmos or hynix, any software around that can interogate and check, just been on twinmos site and they don't say.

    Could I take the fsb up from 266 to say 333 (I assume I don't need volts for that?) and run these at 333? would that be an underclock for the RAM?
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