Socket 939 chips available for how long?

My last computer update was in February, when I replaced my old Socket 939 AMD 64 3000+ Winchester with an X2 3800+.
Overclocked to 2.2 ghz it does everything I need it to do for now.
My next upgrade will be a better videocard to replaced the 6600 GT, and one day I'll add another gig of RAM (got 1 gig, dual-channel now).

Question, though. If I did want to upgrade my CPU to something a little better, should I jump on it now? With prices so low and AMD emphasizing AM2, what do you guys think the availability of Socket 939 is going to be?

Can I wait until Christmas to decide or had I better buy sooner?
A full system refresh is going to have to wait a couple of years because I spent all my cash on an engagement ring and wedding set. :wink:
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  1. AMD has stopped production on all S939 Athlon 64 with 1MB L2 cache. They will end all production of the S939 Athlon 64 in December 2006. Therefore, retailers will be getting their final shipments in January 2007.

    I'm guessing prices should be pretty stable until the end of Q1 2007. In Q2 or Q3 2007 AMD may decide to raise the prices of all remaining S939 Athlons to "encourage" people into switching to socket AM2. This is a similar strategy that they used when the Athlon XP production ended. AMD "encouraged" people to buy S754 Athlon 64 by raising the prices on al Athlon XP CPUs.
  2. Thanks, I was contemplating with the same situation as the OP as to when to buy a S939 processor.
  3. Thanks, jaguarskx. That was very illuminating.
    That means I've got time to decide if I really want to make a new CPU purchase or not, maybe as a Christmas present for myself.
  4. Consider selling your old pc3200 and switching to am2 or conroe. Prices for pc3200 are rising. I run free internet only ads in my local paper. Fewer people use them so it takes longer to sell, but if you've got time, I would give it a go. You may get lucky and find a buyer. Greensheet is also a good way to sell.
  5. Jaguar is spot on with the timings for 939.

    Do not however discount the 2nd hand market for these chips - they are SO popular that the enthusiast users that have them will eventually dump them for AM2/3 and C2D over the next 12 - 18 months and there willl always be plenty of choices available.
  6. Thanks, that's food for thought too (DDR prices).

    But DDR2 won't work in a socket 939 board, right? That means new motherboard and CPU too.

    I can't justify the cost of a new system right now, even figuring in the cash I could get for selling off my old stuff. I was just thinking that if I ever was going to upgrade the CPU, now is probably the time to do that.

    I hadn't thought about DDR prices going up, though. Taking your advice into consideration, I think it makes most sense (best bang for the buck) to keep the CPU I've got; add a gig of RAM before the prices get too steep; and replace my video card, probably with a 1800 series.

    That should get me just fine through another year for what I use it for.
  7. Do you think that the FX-57 prices will come down or stay like today's prices (900-1000$)
  8. No kidding. DDR prices have gone up by more than a quarter. My 2GB of Corsair VS were $145 in February, and now they're $200 or more. It's nuts.
  9. IMO, don't bother upgrading your CPU; you should be good to go for a couple years with what you have. Try overclocking higher :lol:
  10. Quote:
    Do you think that the FX-57 prices will come down or stay like today's prices (900-1000$)

    Athlon 64 FX57: $415
    LOL; the open-box version of that CPU is $448.10, and you have to pay shipping :lol: . It's often overlooked that this is STILL the fastest single-core CPU on the market.

    FX55: $399

    I didn't realize that even the FX series have dropped in price.
  11. Quote:
    No kidding. DDR prices have gone up by more than a quarter. My 2GB of Corsair VS were $145 in February, and now they're $200 or more. It's nuts.

    I agree. I'm contemplating wheter to just bite the bullet and grab 2GB right now before DDR becomes outrageously expensive.
  12. I upgraded to a x2 3800+ with 2GB ram and a cheap x800gt and couldnt be happier. Im sure I am set for 2 more years. Worst case scenario is I may need to buy a dx10 vid card. But all I play now iw WoW and x800gt runs that high. Point is, if your computer is doing good now then wait for when you realy need an upgrade. s939 is perfect right now with minor difference in AM2. Stick with what you have now and wait 2 years.
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