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170t I am impressed

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Last response: in Computer Peripherals
March 21, 2002 4:08:43 AM

i got the monitor now. and damn its a nice one. its a peice of art i would say, now i just want to check out the ghosting, and check if there are some dead pixels, i have not found any yet. but thats maybe because i have only looks real quick. can people please give me some applications to check for dead pixels and all that, like i know flame had a application that showed a white square doing turns in a black background. alsoo i know monitor direct have one but i dontknow where to get these, so please help me out with links. anythign more i should think about

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March 21, 2002 4:51:41 AM

i used this one and when i check for ghosting, my tube monitor shows more ghosting then my flat screen, hehe but the flat screen looks more digital, i checked with a dvd and it does not look as realistic as wit ha tube monitor, but anyway i am so happy over this monitor. the test is amazing clear
March 21, 2002 11:05:18 AM

U know, that can be adjusted w/ contrast and brightness. I know what u mean, but it can be made to look better.

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March 21, 2002 5:24:18 PM

i just press outo and then its all set, i think i can only change the brightness when its on the dvi input
March 21, 2002 9:28:34 PM

That's weird...there should be an option for contrast as well.....cause often things can be overcontrasted. Very very odd....I suggest u check in the user manual (those things are a fun read anyway:) 

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March 22, 2002 2:50:43 AM

i found it all out, how to use the monitor for it too lock better, but does any1 know software that makes the lcd screen looks better like windows stuff to make it prettier and stuff like that. i use my old tube monitor as an extension and that works pretty good, but the quality of the old monitor is not even near as it used to be, is the ari radeon 8500 the problem is am i just imagening.
March 26, 2002 3:30:06 AM

Profjo00, Can you give us an Update on the Ghosting Situation and the Dead Pixels... How is the monitor over all for games and such ?

Later, Rob

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March 26, 2002 3:50:50 AM

i love my monitor, except that i thought it should be better, but when i think, what can it be better in, i cant figure it out. gaming and dvd's are no ghosting as i notice, not a dead pixel on my monitor, samsung have good dead pixel warranty, 3 on the side or 1 in the middle and you can change and get a new one, but the new one, but dont change if its not broken... but test out your monitor before you buy it, i didnt but i think that is important because the price on a minitor is pretty much you know
March 26, 2002 3:59:52 AM

<A HREF="" target="_new">click here for the monitor testing tool kit</A>

If my response is brief and vague its because the info you provided is too!