motherboard dilemma, need suggestions.

Well after reading for over 100 hours I finally made my final decision on all the parts.

Lian Li PC-V2100PlusII
P5W DH Deluxe
eVGA 7950 GX2
Corsair 2G PC6400
2.5 TB (already have the HDDs)
SI-128 or Scythe Infinity
Silencer 750 EPS12V (PS from PC Power & Cooling)

Well the problem is that the case uses upside down orientation for the mobo, which isn't good for the asus mobo w/ heat pipe. (credit goes to merc for pointing out the problem)

I have a lot of HDDs (9 at the moment) and I really have my mind set on the Lian Li PC-V2100PlusII, because it fits my needs perfect.

I am going to be overclocking and gaming a lot. I need to change to another mobo, that doesnt have the heat pipe, I looked at DFI Infinity but performance and feature wise P5W is better.

Now what do you guys suggest. Should I wait for 590's to come out or should i just pick up some other mobo like the DFI Infinity 975X.

All suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated. Thnx in advance.
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  1. Also i am thinking that the new asus with 590 chipset are probably going to have the same design for the heat pipe, so I more interested in the new DFI boards with 590 chipset.

    If any one has any input on when the new DFI board is going to be out I would greatly appreciate that.
  2. Quote:
    Look at newly released Abit AW9D series, don't think it has pipes (check it). You're in an overclocking forum so I'll tell you that it has the same FSB potential as P5W DH.

    If you intend to overclock and want still wants two PCIe 16x slots, you're stucked with 975X for now.
    nForce 590 Intel Edition was not intended for overclocking. The reason is in another thread in this OC-Mobo forum.

    I did look at this abit board previously but didnt consider becaue of the heat pipes. The heat pipe doesnt seem much diff then p5w's. Anyways I just emailed abit and asked them if the upside down orientation will mess with cooling.

    If the orientation isnt a prob then this board looks pretty good, i have used abit before and it was pretty stable for overclocking.
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