Computer keeps shuting down

one of my friends set up the motherboard for me which helped me alot becase the frist time i set it up i got plugs miss matched :P

we installed win7 unitmate on it and couldnt update it or update drivers he had no internet hook up on it!

got it back to my house
(he had hell of a time hooking up intell fan and so didnt i the frist time)
pluged it in started update drivers and windows
boom shutdowns im like wtf?

tryed it again... BOOM shuts down
so i tryd installing 73 windows upgrades took an hour or so it didnt shut down?????
im like ok sweet its fixed

tryed upgradeing videa card drivers and sound and it did it again.... even when i do 1 thing at a time it will shutdown...

i tryed disableing my fan speed fail and temputre to see if it was that.... and it isnt

any help on why it keeps shuting down?

ohh and i changed the HPET mode to 64 bit it was on 32 and im running win7 unit 64 bit not 32 << not sure about that either?
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  1. have you checked the temperatures?
  2. ya temp are like 30c and 90c i belive off top of my head my i turned the fail switch to off so why would it shutdown??
  3. at 90C you can almost start cooking.

    what ever device has the 90c is you problem why it reboots.

    If it is your CPU, you might have to take off the CPU cooler, reapply heat paste, and remount the cooler.

    Usually I mount the cooler while the motherboard is outside the case before I install the MOBO.
  4. im gona get a new 775 cpu fan and buy sum heat paste thx emerald... i was all ready gona buy fan :)

    i wish ther was a way to buy a diffent style cpu fan without taken the mebo out to installit
    (not talking about the crap 1 that u push andturn either..i think they suck they all break!!!)
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