Connecting Through Cell Phone at 350 kbs

I've heard that some brands of cell phones allow connections at download rates of 350 kilo bits per second.

Does anyone know which brands and carriers provide this in the US?
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  1. My dads friend claims he does this.

    You just need a dial up ISP and the right hardware to attach to the cell phone.

    By chance, do you mean connecting from the cell phone, then using the pc to access the net with blue tooth?
  2. OK

    I found the Amp'd mobile phone. According to the thread for Amp'd at, you can use one of the Amp'd models to tether to a notebook and connect at 300 kbs.

    I've ordered the Jet model, and I'll see what it can do.
  3. I'm currently using a globetrotter fusion pcmcia card, and get 384kbs or better in most major areas in AUS. That's on a WCDMA system.

    I also have a Nokia n91 that can double as a WCDMA modem in a pinch.

    EVDO is also a viable option, though slower, and Iden may (in some US areas) be a bit check with your local carriers to se what options are available.
  4. Hey, can you guys tell me what I need to use my cell phone?

    I get free night and weekend minutes, so this is seeming like a viable option.
  5. again, "check with your local carrier".

    Or move to AUS, where I'd be more than happy to help. ;-)
  6. My mistake, I meant to ask how you go about connecting the cell phone to the pc.
  7. Sorry, didn't mean to be rude.

    That question will vary. For instance, if I'm stuck without my PCMCIA module, my n91 can connect with bluetooth. But not with my desktop, then I have to use firewire.

    But my previous phone had a connector that would attach via USB. (however, no FW, and my desktop has no bluetooth....)

    So it would depend on the capabilities of what you are trying to connect TO, combined with what you are trying to connect WITH.

    Maybe some further info on what handset you have and what your system has for connectivity might help both of us figure this out?
  8. No problem on the rudeness, I'm used to forums :wink:

    As for the cell phone, it's a sanyo RL 4920, without internet and bluetooth, just free night and weekends, and my desktop has a firewire on the sound card, and of coarse, plenty of USB ports :wink:

    There is however an optical port on the motherboard, I'm not sure what it's for to be honest.

    I do know that compusa has a cell phone connecting kit to connect the cell phone to the PC, it's $50, not sure if it will do what we need it to do however...

    When my dads friend told me he uses his cell phone, he told me about a mic and speaker you need to hook up to the phone, and connect the other ends to something on the desktop.

    I'll send him an email, and perhaps give him a call :wink:
  9. Sorry to disappoint, but you'd be lucky to get 19.2 Kbs/sec, even if you could figure out how to connect it. That model is a CDMA version, and locked in to sprint's system (ie, appears to be a made-for-sprint model)... It does have PTT. Better one feature than none. I presume it also does SMS, and it does appear to have a decent WAP 2.0 browser as well. But no native internet connectivity. I could be wrong, check with Sprint. But I really hold out not much hope.

    Sorry for the bad news.... But better bad news than spending US 50, and getting nothing.
  10. The good news is that almost every cell phone is capable of acting like a dialup modem with which you can connect to the internet.

    To check whether your cell phone has this capabililty, look in your menu of features, and look for "network" or "data" connection. If you find either feature, you are half way there.

    You will next need a cable to connect the cell phone to the PC. Usually, this is via a USB port. One end of the data capable will have a USB end, and the other end will usually have a proprietary plug for he cell phone. Almost always, you will have to buy it separately from the cell phone's manufacturer.

    Next, you will need drivers for connection. You will either download the drivers from the cell manufacturer's website, or the drivers will come on a CD with the purchase of the cable.

    Last, you may need to purchase this service as an "enhancement" or added "feature". Some carriers like Cingular simply charge by the kilobit when you use the data connection - about 1 cent per kb, but you'll have to verify that.

    As was said in another post, the typical speed is about 19.5 kbs, which is about 1/3 dialup modem speed.

    But, I'd check out all this at the cell phone manufacturers website for the particulars.
  11. OK.

    I got the Amp'd Jet phone this morning, a special USB cable for the connection to the PC, and also got the Kyocera Mobile Phone Tools software.

    After installing the Mobile Phone Tools (MPT) and updating these, the drivers for the Jet phone installed like a dialup modem. Indeed, Windows XP treated the connection like a regular dialup modem and used DUN.

    It worked great.

    I tested the connection speed at, and got an impressive 350 kbs down, 65 kbs up.

    Web surfing was fairly swift, better than dialup.

    It appears that only Amp'd's Jet phone model can do this, without problems. See the special Amp'd thread at

    Now, as for the cost, I don't know yet.
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