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well there be a performance difference between that and a 7200rpm sata hdd for a laptop, playing new games with core duo 2.33ghz processor and mobility 7600gt gfx card
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  1. 2.5" 5400rpm = ~30mbps transfer speed
    2.5" 7200rpm = ~50mbps transfer speed.

    Do The MATH

    Though 4200 & 5400 rpm save battery per say. They have to run twice as log to pull the data.

    It's makes more since to take a 10% battery hit for a 100% increase in HD performace.

    My productivity time increased 100, by not waiting on the HD.
  2. im jus askin gaming wise, when im playing will there be any performance loss big or small from the 2 types of hdds
  3. As long as it does not have to swap from the hard drive. Then you will get a hit.
  4. explain further?
  5. If you have a small amount of ram and the game requires more ram than what you have then it will store the information on the hard drive because it can't go anywhere else. Say your ram runs at 533 mhz effective clock speed. That has a maximum theoretical transfer rate of 4200 MB per second while your hard drive has according to blue 30 MB per second so that's like 140 times faster if it doesn't have to swap to the hard drive. So if u want some good performance make sure you have a lot of ram. How much do you have anyway? O ya 30 mb per second is probably your substained transfer rate it will be much slower because of seek times.
  6. 2 gigs of ddr 2 667
  7. Should be fine.
  8. Quote:
    2 gigs of ddr 2 667

    Games will install a lot faster.

    Games levels will load a tiny bit faster, as maybe 10-20% of the wait spent moving data and the rest is the CPU/GPU decompressing and processing that data.

    Actual game play will be unaffected.

    And this is coming from a proud 10,000 rpm Raptor owner.
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