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I have a concern about the tomshardware.com site and tgdaily, that hopefully a webmaster or moderator could help me out with. Recently I did a virus/spyware scan with Trendmicro PC-cillin 2007. Several cookies showed up, which is not unusual. What caught my attention was a cookie or adware called adware_bestoffers (cookie # 228976 as catalogged by trendmicro). I was able to narrow down the sites from which this cookie came from which was tomshardware.com or tgdaily.com. When I clicked on more information about that cookie on the Trendmicro software, trendmicro's site opened with information about the cookie, calling it a keylogger, which was memory resident and collected user information. I was very concerned about this as I don't remember this cookie showing up before from tomshardware.com or tgdaily. I hope that Tomshardware and TGdaily will look into this to make sure there is no threat lurking on the site.

Here is a link to trendmicro's site which gives information on the adware:

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