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okay guys,
i've got a question about the connection of my pc-amlifier-TV-card
currently i've got 3 cables going from my onboard soundcard - to the amplifier of my home cinema, to get a surround sound, works pretty good,
now i've got a TV-tuner card that must be connected to the lin-in from my soundcard, but, thats already occupied by one of the surround cables,
so, i'm fucked, is there a way to fix this by using another soundcard (i've got a soundblaster live, i think it can take 5.1, but the .35" jacks are way to close for the cables :(
is it possible to use the cd-in on the soundcard (so tearing a cable apart and make another connection (extern - intern?)

thank you
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  1. The second sound card would be an option. But have you considered another TV-card? one that doesn't need audio cabling? They are at least as cheap as sound cards... (But just don't buy an USB card; you would regret it...)
  2. The internal CD-in is a digital interface and won't work.

    If you're running 5.1, then get a 6.1 or 7.1 card, because a lot of cheap 5.1 cards utilise the ports in the same way as your onboard does, therefore if you get 'more than what you need' then you should have ports left over for line in.

    Or just get a new TV card.
  3. Quote:
    The internal CD-in is a digital interface and won't work.

    not necessarily; if it's 2 pins wide yes, if its 4 pins wide it's analog... You culd give it a try...
  4. solution;
    according to fluff, i've checked my mobo, and there were was a 4 pins connector,
    so i took the cable from an old speaker system and the CD-rom kabel i've got plenty of them,
    with a little basic connection, i've created this cable (sorry, just to test, i'll make a nice one using some other systems)
    this works very fine for the transfer of the sound, to the onboard audio (maybe i will use this when i change to an PCI soundcard if it hasn't got anough connections)

    thank jou all guys & girls for giving me the info, thats a forum is supposed to be!!

  5. Happy to have been helpful!
  6. Quote:
    First of all why do you have a cable from your suround sound system going into the line in on your PC.

    Have you looked into using a Headphone jack Y-connector.


    This will allow your amp and the tuner to be pluged into the sound input at the same time.

    You haven't understood the problem. This setting uses the line in connector as part of an output setup. no splitting ins and outs at the same time right?
  7. ok everybody,
    i'v made a little drawing of the system, so i hope this makes everything clear

  8. the onboard audio only has the 3 plugs... and thus to use 5.1 you need all 3 to be used as outputs.... so there's no in left for audio....CD/AUX will work....i did it my self with my old Wintv GoFM....

    But in my case i had something else on line-in....also...whats with the neat wire job.. :)
  9. A lot of 5.1 and higher MB's work like that...
  10. the motherboard is a msi k8t neo,
    this is one of the first mobo's to support 64 bit processors
    i've got a AMD64 3000+ processor on a 754 socket,
    the onboard soundcard uses a realtek chipset,

    you can select the setup of this motherboard/chipset by selecting it in the software,

    sorry for the really bad wiring, it was for testing purposes, nothing to sent to toms hardware, no hammers for that ;-)

    greetings, and have a nice weekend to you all
  11. So the problem is solved right?
  12. the problem is solved, time to close the thread

    thanks to you all for the good information!!
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