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1024x760 vs. 800 x 600 problem

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
March 21, 2002 7:19:54 AM

Question: If an object is 1 inch x 1 inch at 800x600 res on a 17in (16 view ) monitor will it still be 1 inch x 1 inch on a 19in (18 view ) monitor?

That may sound like a stupid question but I have played games in 800 x 600 for years. I just bought a 17.1 viewable LCD and as you folks know stuff looks bad in 800 x 600. I switched to 1024 x 760 but everything looked small. If I upgrade to a 18.1 viweable will there be a difference ? Will it look and feel the same as when I played 800 x 600 on a 16.1 viewable?

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March 21, 2002 9:32:35 PM

Currently, you're used to pretty big text and stuff (no offense). I was that way too, running 800x600 on my 15" CRT. I thought 1280x1024 res was way too small (try it on ur 17.1") but after a few hours, got used to I even think it's too big! It's also a lot sharper than 1024x768 on an LCD (b/c scaling). I suggest you try it, and you'll get used to it. 18" will make things bigger, so if you want that, go for it....although 17" is fine.

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March 21, 2002 10:30:46 PM

Are we talking strictly games or desktop? You really should stick with native rez for desktop. On the desktop an object gets smaller the higher rez you go (comparing equal size monitors). In games it shouldn't change (may depend on game). In general, stepping up the rez 1 notch will require stepping up the screen size 1 notch in order for things to 'appear' about the same size to you. If you are used to a lower rez (like 800x600 on 17" crt) then it'll be an adjustment to get used to a 17" lcd which probably has a 1280x1024 native resolution, but that's really what you need to adapt to otherwise things just won't look as good as they could.