URGENT! how do i make *.jpg files from oginal micorosoft words *.docx

i spent 2 days and wasted it for

i could not find the solution in converting just simple task,to make a 3d graphics high pixelated *.jpg file from an original document which was layouted using microsoft word with the file *.docx...

what then shall i do for my deadline is only 1 hour left to finish to have task accomplished and have it submitted for the one instructed me to have it done
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  1. Sounds like you should have started on your homework assignment much earlier.

    1. Print the document
    2. Place the printed document on a scanner bed
    3. Launch a graphics application with scanning capability (Photoshop, Gimp, etc.)
    4. Scan the document
    5. Save the resulting scan as *.jpg

    Clock is ticking.................
  2. Or ~ you can just press "Print Screen" when you are viewing the document then open Paint (Programs > Accessories > Paint) and press edit > Paste then save the file as a jpeg (after adjusting the image if necessary).
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