"NEW" P4 2.0 ghz 478 PIN for sale

THIS IS A BRAND NEW P4 2.0 GHZ 478 pin 0.18 Micron processor.
Has only been tested to make sure it works when it was bought off ebay.
It has never been used yet.
Selling for at least $250 US and willing to negotiate
Contact me via reply to this thread, ICQ : 8305999 or email at
WARRANTY is good for another 2 and half years.

thanks for viewing


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  1. selling for at least $250 and willing to negotiate? How does one negotiate if you stated your lowest price.
  2. Do what my dad somehow does- get it at half that!:)

    Sig of the week.
  3. Sorry guys, anyone who wanted to offer on this. It's too late
    I got one hell of a deal to swap for this.
    For the proecssor, someone offered to send a 40 gig HD at 7200 RPM, 256MB Pc-133 RAM, and a Geforce 2 MX440 64 MB DDR AGP Card.
    I can use those in my new P3 1 gig I just bought
    thanks for your interest

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