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I'm looking to upgrade my laptop to 2 gigs of ram. currently i have two sticks of DDR 333 512mb CL2.5 SO-DIMMs, so i will have to get two new sticks.

I'm not sure whether to get DDR333 CL2.5 or go up to the DDR400 CL3. will the higher speed make up for the higher latency. ALso i have seen DDR 333 CL2.0 but i think it costs more than i want to spend.

So, any suggestions on what brand sells reliable memory at a decent price, i'm not going to overclock it or anything since its in a laptop, it just needs to work normally.
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  1. What laptop brand and model do you have? Your laptop may not be able to run 200MHz (or even 167MHz) memory bus speeds, in which case the RAM will run at DDR333 (or DDR267) anyway.
    Especially w/1GB SODIMMs, stay away from the "value" lines and stick with a "real" brand name line.

    PS - Here's one you should be able to run at CL2@DDR-333:
  2. Honestly I don't think that dropping the CAS latency on laptop RAM is that important. A laptop is already handicapped by so many other coponents that the difference will be negligible. I would suggest the DDR-400 CL3 RAM, beacuse then if you get a system later that requires 400 you won't need to buy new RAM, and the latency difference will have minimal impact. my $.02.
  3. If you have in your notebook spec manual is compatible with DDR-400 , get it . I recently upgrade my toshiba notebook memory, from 1GB DDR-2 533 to 2 GB DDR2-667, without any problem... It does get better but hard to notice ...so if you have better price on DDR333 , maybe it does worth to stick with DDR333...
  4. I have an Acer ferrari 4005. with the Turion ML37 @ 2 ghz and the ATI mobility x700. already upgraded the hd to a hitachi travelstar 7200 rpm 100gb(much faster than the 5400rpm it came with, helped alot with load times).

    the bios may not automatically set DDR400 speeds but i know i can do it with A64 tweaker (I've already done it with my DDR333 and it works until heavy loads warm it up, i wanted to see if i could notice a difference, i could tell it was running faster at DDR400 CL2.5)

    I don't another laptop so i don't need to worry about it being compatible for future use.

    The main thing is that i need more mem, the current DDR333 seems fast enough. Again what are some of the brands i should look at.
  5. Crucial, Corsair, OCZ, Kingston, mushkin there are more whose names escape me.
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