Dual Sli 7800 GTs Not Overclocking Well

Just got sli and my 3dmark 05 scores went from 7600 single oc/ed to 10400 in sli mode tho now their at stock clocks. I'm using coolbits 2.0 and I feel like I'm ocing one card and not the other cause the improvement is minimal around 300-500 marks. Anyone have any recommendations on any other ocing programs and maybe other advice to get my oc up. -Thx Ed

Here are my system specs

X2 Athlon 4600+
Asus SLI Deluxe
2xBFG 7800 gt oc
Antec Neo HE 550 watt
2x 36 gig 10,000 rpm raptors
2 Gigs Corsair xms ddr 400
Creative Audigy 2 zs

My system seems to run cool I have fatality VGA coolers and a ZALMAN CNPS 9500 AM2 on the cpu, so I figure overclocking shouldn't be too much of a problem on the whole heat thing.
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  1. TBH 7800GT's (depends on the manufactorer) weren't steller overclockers.
    Plus your running in an SLI environment, which is known to limit your overall clock increase.

    But if your really adament about this, try using Rivatuner to the best of your advantage. I'm not sure your specific 7800GT, but my 7800GT CO made
    495/1170 on the stock cooler without issue. -- I was only using a single GPU though.
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