Need help with single video card non-overclocked E6600

I am looking to build an Intel core 2 system I have an E6600 on the way, and have not ordered anything else yet. Well I really want to get started on this new rig I don’t want to be too hasty, and have a few questions that I could use some help with before I make up my mind on what to buy. I want a well rounded system I do game but not as much as I used to so I am planning to just do a single Vid card, and I don’t plan on over clocking. I am just looking to build a good stable rig. Any help/advice anyone can give me would be very much appreciated my questions are as follows.

Is there any benefit in buying an SLI board if I plan to only use one vid card?

Is there any benefit in waiting for the 590 SLI boards to hit stores if I plan on only using one vid card?

Is there any benefit in buying the 590 over the 570 if I only plan to use one card?

Is there any shortfall in using an NVIDIA card in a Crossfire ready motherboard (i.e. P5W DH-Deluxe)?
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  1. I just got my Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 yesterday and am quite pleased with it so far. Save yourself some money over the P5W DH-Deluxe.
  2. I agree, no to all questions.

    I would add that I would still buy an SLi or Crossfire MB even if you only plan to use one GPU now. You never know where you might want to be a year from now and the MB is the one area you want maximum flexibility. The cost of a dual PCIx MB isn't significantly more than a single. Same goes with the power supply. get one with 600+ W and flexibility now and you won't be buying a new one when that new must have component comes out.

    My Rig:
    Core 2 Duo X6800 Conroe (Stock Clock for now)
    Intel D975XBXLRK - 304
    Thermaltake Big Typhoon HSF
    2 GB Corsair Pro PC6400 4-4-4-15
    ATI X1900XTX
    74GB 10K Raptor HD
    Soundblaster Audigy 2 SZ
    NEC OEM DVD Burners (x2)
    Gigabyte 3D Aurora Case
    Ultra X-Finity 600W SLi Certified PSU
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