MSI Neo 965 SATA & IDE problem.

My problem is,

if I connect the SATA 1 & IDE ATA hard disk /DVDROM,
the system able to detect my ATA hard disk during loading the JMicron BIOS, then process with loading Windows. However during loading Windows, the screen will turn to blue screen & restart immediately.

if I connect the SATA (not the slot 1) & IDE ATA hard disk /DVDROM,
the system unable to detect my IDE any hardware duing the 1st BIOS and the BIOS for the JMicron, but able to login to Windows. Once inside Windows, the system will auto detect my hardware & found has a IDE controller is using by JMircon RAID, request to install drive. (I can't do this, because no DVDROM!)

Please help me to solve it. Thanks.
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  1. I am having problems with the MOBO detecting IDE devices also.

    The BIOS is very weird compared to any other BIOS I have seen before.
  2. If you still can solve it. Maybe I may help u. (I just overcome it). Go to MSI webside and download the new release JMicron & Intel 965 chip driver.
  3. Hi,

    some days ago I bought the MSI 965 Neo and I have the same problem, that my IDE HardDisk cannot be detected by the Bios. I tried many settings but didn't succeed.
    During booting I always get a bluescreen and the system restarts. No matter which boot options are selected (Debug, VGA, with confirmation, ...)
    I couldn't find a suitable update on the MSI homepage, but maybe I searched the wrong pages.

    Can anyone help me?
  4. I used the attached Drivers Disc and then went to the website using Live Update3.

    In the Website you can pick updating the Bios, Drivers, Utilites, etc. Each of the different software packages need updated and I did so.

    Did you load the disc and asscoiated programs that came with the board?
  5. thanx for the fast reply, but I don't really understand what you mean. Since my system doesn't boot I cannot use the disc.
    How can I update the drivers (if this should be necessary) of my new board without an operating system?
    Is there a special jumper- or Bios-setting to get this damn detection working?
    Today I switched back to my old HW, to have access to the forum and see if there is a solution for my problem.
    My Bios Version is 1.5 which is the latest official version from MSI.
    There is only a DVD-Writer and a WD600AB (60GB) EIDE harddisk connected and both are working properly (otherwise this could not be written :) ). I can connect also a Floppy to my system if this might help to load drivers and updates.
  6. ok

    meanwhile I know that the Bios of the MSI 965 Neo is not able to detect IDE devices, but the Raid controller does (if set to IDE mode)
    I reinstalled XP and updated all drivers an now everything is working :D

    Thanks for your help anyway.
  7. Hi fogelman,

    I came across your post on how to get the IDE HDD to work on the msi965 neo-f mobo. However, I am not very sure of how you do it. There is a post from you saying that the RAID controller can detect the hdd? How can I go about doing it?
    I really appreciate any help from anyone :P

  8. Hi,

    the raid controller detects the IDE-HDD by itself so you don't have to do anything. The point is, that you won't see any entry in the BIOS, but you can see the message from the raid controller during the boot sequence (at least it was the case with my system). So don't bother about BIOS entries. The only problem is that you cannot connect more than 2 IDE devices with the controller (only one DVD-drive and one HDD or similar constellations)

    Hope this will help you!
  9. Hi thanks, I manage to get my PC up before new year :D
    Now I can play my game during CNY
    I wish everyone in this community a Happy Chinese New Year
  10. I have one of these (POS) motherboards. I have 1 300GB SATA HDD, 1 80GB IDE DVD, 1 IDE HDD.

    I wanted to have the IDE drive as my OS drive, and the SATA HDD as my DATA drive. After having some trouble doing so, I came here. I think I can do it now (will have to wait until tommorrow at work to try), but after reading about everyones troubles with IDE and this board, I have a few questions.

    1) Is this possible?
    2) Is this a bad idea, for performance and stability? I know SATA is faster than IDE, but I will be doing more I/O on my data drive, than the OS drive.


  11. There's no driver required for the JMicron controller, Windows loads it using Generic IDE Device drivers.

    That is, unless you're crazy enough to have it in RAID mode, which doesn't work with optical drives anyway.

    But the blue screen followed by reboot sounds an aweful lot like you're trying to boot to Windows from a pre-loaded drive, which is a bad idea to begin with.
  12. crashman: I am not sure if you are responding to my post or someone else's. But in case it was mine, I will restate my case a little clearer.

    1. Does using the IDE controller slow the SATA controller down at all. I read in a forum that it does, but but I was unsure of the guy's source.

    2. Is it possible to have the an IDE HDD as my primary (OS) drive with this board? Are there any reasons not to?

    I do not need raid.

  13. Hi every body :hello:
    msi965 neo to work better with windows xp sp2 / vista
    you should be enter to BIOS by delete
    1- select Advanced BIOS Features
    2-Full ScreenLogo Display
    3-select Disabled not Enabled
    then every thing work better

    Mazen from syrian arab republic :hello:
    :wahoo: :wahoo: :wahoo
  14. Dont mix IDE and Sata. That is your problem. You have to choose one or the other. Try this link to change one of your drives to work on the format you want.
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