PC wont turn back on after hibernating!

i finished building my pc about two weeks ago, and ive only hibernated once before, but last night when i did hibernate, it did as usual and nomarl, however, when i pressed the on button this morning...nothing happened, no fans, no led lights, nothing!, so i unplugged it all dya and got back a lil ago..and still no power, ive tried different outlets, nothing, everything works fine, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, so it wasnt a surge problem, but idk how to tell if its my NEW 500 watts power supply
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  1. check all the cables are tight (not loose). Then try again

    but idk how to tell if its my NEW 500 watts power supply

    try an older one if the above doesnt work or buy annother cheaper one (oh what power suply are you using give specs )!!!!! always try and add the system specs in the first post it helps alot otherwise its sorta harder to help :lol:
  2. ok, here are the specs:

    pentium d 805 overclocked to 3.6
    2 GB RAM
    2 hard drives
    2 nvidia 7300GT
    ECS c-19-a SLI motherboard
    500W XIOn power supply
  3. Update Microsoft OS if you're using one. I have experience this before with my current build.

  4. I've had that problem before, it ended up being the video card driver. Make sure your drivers are WHQL certified. Took along time to figure it out done a fresh install and loaded each driver one at a time,testing it each time I loaded something new. I was very surprised to find the video card driver would cause that problem.
  5. alright so i tested an older 300W PSU ..and guess what...it worked..
    how could this have happened?? it worked perfectly last night....there was a storm last night..tho...but we had no power outage or anything...WHY??,,,o well...good thing i got it from newegg...so now im returning it...what kind of PSU should i get
  6. Take a good look at the SeaSonics..their quite, reliable, and they are SLI or X-fire certified.
    Otherwise my other choice would be Enermax. The nice thing about those PSU's is the wiring is set up so that you only plug in what you need (ie you plug one end in PSU, the other end goes to componant) That way there is less wiring that needs to be tucked away after you finish hookin everything up. There is always at least 1 or 2 fan dongles, and at least 1 SATA cable power wire that is not used. Unless your running 4 hdd's or more. Another thing I like about the Enermax is the extra length they give you for the wires.
    Anyway, hope this helps bro, good luck

    Antec P180 PerformanceSeries
    SeaSonic S12 600 PSU
    Asus A8N32 SLI X-16 S-939 (bios 1103 V02.58 )
    RealTek 97 Onboard
    AMD 64 X2 4800+ Toledo Core (AMD v hotfix/ Dual Optimizer)
    2 gigs Corsair 3500LL Pro @ 437Mhz 2-3-2-6-1T
    2- BFG 7900 GT OC in SLI (NV 91.31)
    WD RAPTOR 74.3 gig HDD / XP & Apps
    Maxtor SATA II 250 Gig /Gaming / Movies / MP3's
    Maxtor SATA II 250 Gig /backup (unplugged)
    Sony CDrom 52X
    Plextor 708-A DVD/CD rom
    Razer DiamondBack Optical mouse
    Logitech Z-5500 Dolby Digital 5.1 THX 500watts
  7. wait a second..you said you have 2 7300GTs.....why exactly?
  8. cause im an IDIOT...i bought two of those..and a couple of days later, the 7600 went down on price and i already had thrown away all my boxes and manuals and stuff..so there was no way for me to return them...o well..they still work pretty nicely
  9. Umm, well...don't use the hybernation feature. IMO it's one of the most worthless features of XP.
  10. I often wondered why it was even there
  11. Quote:
    wait a second..you said you have 2 7300GTs.....why exactly?

    8O 8O

  12. Quote:
    wait a second..you said you have 2 7300GTs.....why exactly?

    8O 8O


    Um i said that because 7300 gts in sli is a complete waste of money... :roll:
  13. how come
  14. Because for the price of two 7300 gts you could have gotten one 7600 gt which pretty much wins any benchmark between the two setups. Sli doesnt double your performance..and even if it did a 7300 gt is crap compared to a 7600 gt...or better if you would have gotten a motherboard w/o sli and saved cash you maybe could of had enough for a 7900 gt which would beat 7600 gts in sli in most benchmarks..ok im done rambling.
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