killdisked have my drive, now I'm stuck

Hi all
So I ran killdisk on a WD400 40gb. Well, it was taking awhile so I turned it off halfway through so I could go to sleep. Now, bios will recognize the harddisk, but during the boot sequence I get an error: Primary HDD has an error. My first bootdevice is the cdrom, and I have a bootable killdisk cd.
After I resume after the Primary HDD error message comes up, then killdisk runs, but it can't detect the hard disk anymore.
Any ideas? Please help!!!
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  1. Get yourself to another comp, dowload the WD program called DATA Lifeguard tools, run the programs that are in the utility, and THEN give it another try. If that does not work, and I hope you backed up your files......reformat :roll:
  2. you have corrupted your version of windows by doing what you just did. My advice is first ask yourself, is there anything on taht drive worth saving? (docs, songs etc) if so, have a professional recover the data. if there's nothing important, take out the windows setup disk and reinstall windows. You may loose all your data but your pc will work again.

    ::edit:: Damn, paybax beat me to it...
  3. well, I put it as a slave to a 4 gb master that has windows xp on it, but windows does not recognize it. Bios will recognize it(although it says it has 8 or so gb), but during the boot process I get a 'secondary HDD error.' Will the data lifeguard tools be able to recognize it? Even with a dos bootdisk, this drive can't be seen.
    THANKS for your help
  4. Find yourself a copy of file scavenger and recover the data yourself. Searching is better than following the blind.
  5. Ontrack Easy Recovery also works very well, though I think the free version has a file limit per session if I remember correctly.
  6. how can I used these tools if they don't even recognize the drive in windows? Data lifeguard can't even see the the 2nd harddrive! Grr!
  7.'s what you do....get to a comp that has internet access.
    1. go to website of manufacturer of the drive as mentioned in my previous post.
    2. dowload the utility for the drive model you have.
    3. make sure you have ALLL the utilities that you need. (it's usually in one DL though
    4. Remove ALL other drives you have in YOUR computer.
    5. Install the drive you say is giving you problems.
    6. Make sure you have the drive set to master...if it's a sata drive then it doesn't matter.
    7. Boot your comp and go into bios.
    8. Go to the advanced area of bios and look for the boot device priority section.
    9, Make sure that you have your Floppy, or your cd drive....whatever you burned your file onto. set to be the first device your comp checks upon post.
    10. Reboot your comp and make sure you have the floppy or cd in the drive before you boot.
    11. The file willl have an .exe built in to it so it should start as soon as the post checks the drive.
    12. Follow the directions for your new drive verification and go through the steps.
    13. The area you want will contain an interface that will ask you what you want to do with your new drive... IE... Do you wish to "INITIALIZE / and / or Format your new drive?? which you will say YES :wink:

    Once that step is complete, you should then be ready to reboot your comp.
    13. The final step you need to ask yourself is "A" do you want to install your OS on this drive? or "B" will this be only a storage drive.
    14. If it will be your OS drive then you will set this one to be your master (the first drive you want your puter to check upon post) in the BOOT PRIORITY section of bios.
    15. If it is only the storage drive, then just shut down your puter, rehook your drives, make sure the master drive is back in it's place, hook up the new drive that you just formatted as well.
    16. REboot your puter and go BACK into bios to verify that the puter "SEES" this new drive.

    That should be about it. That is EXACTLY how I set up my WD Raptor SATA drive in my rig.
    Hope this helps bro and good luck and go forth OBIWAHNKENOBEE or whatever that dude said in Star wars :oops: :)

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