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I don't know if anyone reading this board has played this mod, but if you
have, perhaps you can help me.

In the main quest, I'm sent to Arkenthangk (or however you spell it) to find
the Dwemer Puzzle Cube. I know where to find it in the unmodded version of
the game, but in the Adventurers Total Conversion Beta mod, that particular
Dwemer Puzzle Cube is a fake and when you pick it up, you're attacked by a
Dwemer Spectre. Not only that, but I found five other Dwemer Puzzle Cubes
and they are ALL fakes! The guy at the Fighters Guild won't accept any of
them. I've searched the stupid dungeon from end to end a couple of times,
including cheating a bit with the TCL console command to fly around and
check the high areas for a Cube I'm looking for. Nothing, and that includes
using a Scroll of Ondusi's Opening to unlock the part of the dungeon that
you normally get a key to access after you take the Cube to the guy at the
Fighters Guild. I'm getting seriously perturbed, so if anyone can tell me
where I can find the REAL Dwemer Puzzle Cube in this mod, or if there's a
cheat command in the console that will give me the real cube, I'd appreciate
it. I don't mind mods that make the game more challenging, but this is just
plain ridiculous! Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    Well, the command placeatpc lets you put something at the feet of your
    pc---but you need to know the actual name of the item. for example,

    placeatpc "BM_spriggan_co1" 1,1,1

    puts the item with ID BM_spriggan_co1 in front of the pc.

    Sounds like the mod has recaptured the original frustration of this
    quest. Not only is this perhaps the largest Dwemer ruin, but it took
    me a LONG time to discover that route to the ledge above the opening
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