Worth Waiting for R600 Ati Card?

At the end of summer i will be buying a new computer, but i have heard one beast of a card will be coming out somewhere from september to december.

it is the ati R600 card 65nm (500-600$) video card so they say, but what i wanna know should i buy a 850 XT (115$) card and wait for the beast or just go with 1900XTX (339$) card right now?

descisions descisions thank you
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  1. Wait for the R600 - it will do you for many years to come
  2. Its worth the wait in that the new cards will have the new dx10 features and if you can pay the premium price the cards~$500-$600.

    But with Vista being so questionable I would buy a x1800xt for ~$210 now and wait it out for prices to stabilize on R600 cards and for Vista to be out for a bit.

    Thats what I'm waiting on anyways... :wink:
  3. I'm wondering on this too. I myself am getting a 30LCD Dell Monitor soon and wondering if I should get the Nvidia Quad setup Dx10 cards when released before christmas or give up gaming for 6 months and wait for ATI's cards.....either decision will cost me around 1200 bucks for the cards so wondering if ATI will really release a killer or just a match-up to nvidia?
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