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Analenda Seeking Less Annoying Shelter

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September 5, 2005 1:32:28 PM

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Analenda has been seeking some nice places to stay. When word is
coming that the Isle of Mistmore has been abandoned, Analenda is taking
Constance and Laura there to see if the castle is maybe a nice place to
stay. Many diseased Greater Bonewalkers and other nasty things are
attacking us day and night. The castle is smelling of death, and we
are deciding this is not a nice place to stay. Analenda would be very
annoyed except Analenda now has nice bow and has had much practice
using bows while finding a way to the castle. Analenda would have more
practice except Constance is killing everything quickly with sparking

Then Analenda is thinking of buying more houses from Comfort Properties
and Travel Services. But so there are many Fallen Ordinators and tiny
Last House Dagoths attacking us in these houses. Analenda would be
annoyed except she is selling Grand Soul gems with the little Dagoths
entrapped to get her gold back from Comfort Properties. Analenda has
bought a nice canton from them, but is annoyed at not being able to get
inside without some silly eviction notice. If Analenda were not so
busy with other things, she would be very annoyed to buy a house and
not be able to get inside.

Analenda is buying a house in Havish. And do you know what is annoying
about that? She had to pay full price for the house, that is what is
annoying about that. And, Constance and Laura are always having
trouble with the teleporter off of Havish.

Analenda is also buying housing in the Imperial retreat of Tar Mar.
They are nice enough houses, and there is even water sources and some
food in TarMar. But, Analenda is very annoyed to be sure there is much
treasure there waiting for her that she cannot find. Analenda is much
to annoyed to go back any time soon. Analenda's claws sneak out of
their sheaths when she thinks how annoyed she is at TarMar's hidden

Analenda is thinking she will help with building a fort on Korobal
Island since there are many places there she has not yet been. Maybe
some of them are a nice place to stay. Or, at least, maybe some of
them have treasure she can sell to pay for houses somewhere else.

Analenda has found one strange thing which is more mysterious than
annoying. Analenda is finding a door in the Foreign Quater where going
in one side of the door takes you to the bake shop and going in the
other side to the light and candle shop. Analenda is thinking that
this door must be magical.

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September 6, 2005 10:06:42 PM

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"DeAnn" <> wrote in message

> Analenda has been seeking some nice places to stay.

Analenda might want to try the Houses&Apartments mod (available at Morrowind
Summit) if Analenda is interested in buying property on Vvardenfell itself.
September 15, 2005 10:00:54 AM

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Some time between the hours of March 10th and Friday, "Sarah"
<scrubbrush@DELrogers.comDEL> committed the following:

> Analenda might want to try the Houses&Apartments mod (available at
> Morrowind Summit)

Unfortunately, the download link points to FilePlanet, and worse, doesn't
work. It gets more entertaining after searching and Googling and STILL not
finding it.

Analenda might prefer Phoebe's Abu's Retreat or Abu Manor at,
which has nice direct download links. Honestly, I'm beginning to understand
why some folks hate VilePlanet so much.
Rev. Cardboard Box, slightly tilted, half melted
I'd say more, but my braincells are humping my leg.
September 15, 2005 9:59:00 PM

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"Cardboard Box"
<http@//> wrote in
message news:Xns96D2B7AA93B03tacnukebubblebath@

> Unfortunately, the download link points to FilePlanet, and worse, doesn't
> work.

I just checked and it works for me. You have to know the trick - if it comes
back and says the link isn't found, click Download again. Often the second
time will work.