Intel motherboard - AGP issue

The AGP slot on my intel D865GLC will not work, at least it seems that way.
When I put my 9600PRO into the slot, I do not get a signal to the monitor from any of the monitor ports.

Any known issues/solutions?
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  1. Your board has integrated graphics does it not?

    Have you tried connecting your monitor to the integrated graphics port?

    You may need to go into your bios to disable the integrated/onboard graphics.

    Do you get anything just after you turn on your computer on either the integrated or the 9600?
  2. Integrated works fine.

    When I plug any AGP card it seems, none of the monitor ports, including the onboard have a signal, and nothing starts up, just a solid red dot for the hard drive indicator.

    The BIOS does not have an option to disable onboard video, it seems it doesn't know it has onboad, since it's only got AGP and PCI, AGP is currently what it is set to while the onboard works.

    I assume I could get a BIOS update to fix this?

    Is there a way to tell how old the BIOS is?
  3. Do you have a manual for your motherboard?
    It could be that it tells how to change your settings.
    I doubt it but it is possible that there is a jumper that you have to switch.
    If you don't have a manual you might be able to find a pdf of one on the net.
    I am thinking that you are running into a device conflict because AGP only allows one device and you have two when you plug a card in. You need to be able to disable the onboard stuff.
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