Increasing fan speed of accelero X2

Hi everyone,

Following the article on third party VGA coolers i had installed ATi Tool with the intention of clocking my X2 fan speed up.

I have to admit that i know nothing about ATi tool and may just not have been able to find the right section to increase fan voltage.

There is another issue with it in that it doesnt seem to register the clock speeds on the main page. I dont know whether the default readings are 0 and you have to set the readings yourself though. When i did find max clock the screen went a funny colour and then rebooted.

I'm presently at work, so i cant post screeny's. Otherwise that'd be helpful for everyone....

I'm running X64 edition with catalyst drivers 6.8 on a powercolour X1800XT 512mb. X64 edition could be the main problem in that its awful, but any help from anyone would be appreciated in both problems.


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  1. The 3 pin power connector is plugged into the card itself rather than a separate psu cable.
    This leads to two questions: What is the voltage put through the reference power socket?
    If i plug it into a separate psu cable then will that be a fixed higher voltage and thus increase fan speed?
  2. Thanks!

    I did say in my first post that i have no idea what im doing.....

    Ill give that all a try when i get home and i can post if i need more help.
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