New build - please give me some feedback experts =)

Hi all, just recently my old comp went fubar, and I've spent quite a lot of time researching THG/Anandtech for info on my new build. I've picked out a few parts and would like some of you that's been more tech savy to comment/advise on what i chose.

This is gonna be a heavy gaming rig, and hopefully I'll be able to play in my native res of 1680x1050 (I have a NEC 20wmgx2). I'm not very familiar with OCing, so I'd prefer stability over OC ability. here goes nothing....

case: antec p180b

PSU: OZC GameXstream 700w

CPU: c2d e6600

RAM: Corsair xms2 2gig unbuffered DDR2 800

HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 ST3320620AS perp. recording 16mb

as for mobo i'm debating whether to get the p5nsli deluxe or wait for the 590 sli (which my ram choice will change accordingly). I know that EPP is basically pay-for-OC-for-dummies and works with the 590 mobo. SLI for me is going to be a must, considering my resolution.

for graphic card, I have a eVGA agp card that will be sent in for step-up program within 2 weeks. I'll be using single card solution untill dx10 cards come out, then SLI will come into play for me (and hence the overkill PSU for now). should i upgrade to a 7900gt or 7800gt?

mainly im concerned about stability as i had hellava time trouble shooting my old comp and i work a lot dont have much time to mess with pc

as a side note, i do have about 2 weeks before finalizing built, which is kinda why im waiting for (hopefully) the release and reviews of 590 board.

I'd like to thank every1 in advance for putting time into helping me, especially Grimmy for trying so hard to help me trouble shoot my old pc :o
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  1. Hopefully i wont be flamebait, but i'd say drop the Corsair ram and go with any of G.Skill, OCZ, or Mushkin.

    G.Skill $60 cheaper.

    In a lot of peoples opinion Corsair is just a name now, true they make excellent products, but you can get the same for cheaper with other manufacturers. But that's just my 2 cents. good choices with everything else.
    On the Antec P180b, make sure you get another case fan for the front by the HDD housing. I'd recommend the Sharkoon Silent Eagle 1000 120mm.
  2. thanks for the reply and link. is that memory registered or unbuffered? im kina new and not-so-up-to-date with the memory tech. will it have compatibility issues to p5nsli mobo?

    for vid card due to eVGA's 7900 problems that ive read about, im going to go ahead with the 7950 upgrade. anything else worthwhile is out of stock anyway :? becuase of this extra cost, im prob gonna step down on the mobo a bit. so now im deciding on whether to get p5nsli deluxe or the p5w dh deluxe. any recommendation?
  3. Are you really set on NVidia, because if you wait 2 weeks, you can probably get your hands on a X1950XTX, which would do wonders for most systems. Currently, the 7950GX2 SLI has very rocky performance, so XFire is actually much better at this point. Then you could get the P5W-DH deluxe, which is the best Conroe mobo out there.

    Just somethings to think about.
  4. The memory is non ECC and unbuffered. Loads of reviews have this running at 1066 speed too.

    I'd also agree with going for the X1950XTX rather than the 7950GX2. If you look at the price / performance curve, the nvidia card is way out. at $449 i wont complain.
  5. heh ya i kinda wanted to go ati. the thing that sucked for me is my old comp's mobo fried after i upgraded my vid card (from radeon 8500LE to 7600gs agp) after 2 weeks of use. thank god i bought it from eVGA so i can get 7950gx2 and pay the difference. im not going to run quad sli, the performance is retardly low for that. i do want an sli board however for a bit more future proof. prob 2nd gen dx10 cards.

    main reason why im not going ati is cuz i wont be upgrading the whole system for another 3+ years, so i really like the flexibility of eVGA to be able to upgrade cards. my next comp build will most likely be the amd+ati platform, but thats 4+ years down the road
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