Mid-level mobo? Can't seem to find one right for me help!

My current rigs dead, and it should have been long ago (Athlon XP 2000+) so its time to move on..

I'm pretty set on an e6300/6400 cpu and plan on OCing it, but I am having difficulty finding much info on any MBs aside from the few top ones (the gigabyte 1975x, the p5n, etc) which all run $250ish...a bit much for my price range.

Can anyone recommend any mid-level mobos that could still give me a fair amount of OC features (my first run at OCing, but I have a fair amount of knowhow) and preferably be SLI compatible (for the future).

In short, I'm tryin to keep everything in the $1000 range and have only decided on the 7900 GT KO ($250 at microcenter!) and most likely the 6300 for its sub-$200 pricetag and OC ability...but need a mb to work with it

any suggestions?
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  1. well yes, I didn't mean I'm looking for an uber budget board...but not a premium board either

    since I posted that I've been browsing the forums and have stumbled across the gigabyte pq6 or ds3/4 which all seem like viable options in the $200max price range...tho I'd really like SLI and that doesn't seem to common...
  2. You might want to wait for the new nForce mobo's to come out if you really want to do SLI. If you just want a nice budget mobo without thinking of Xfire or XLI, then the DS3, P5B, and AB9 pro will do fine. I'd go with the P5B...


    The P5N-SLI might be your best bet right now if you want SLI though.. shrug. I'd wait.
  3. tbh i've waited as long as I can, and my current machine is dead..and I mean that literally...

    had my power supply go crazy a few days ago fried my USB ports, floppy, hdd...

    I *need* a computer now :(

    I was actually looking at the DS4 which seemed to be slightly improved over the DS3 and has 2 16x pci-e but NOONE SELLS IT!??

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