Need help with motherboard selection.

Hi, I'm building myself a good gaming pc and all I need now is a motherboard.

These are my specs:

CPU -> Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 (S775, 2,4GHz, 1066MHz FSB, 4MB Boxed)
Memory -> 1GB x 2 (2GB) PC6400 DDR2 CL5 (Corsair, TWIN2X2048-6400)
Power Supply -> Hiper PS580B-MK PSU 580W Typer-R Blue modulair
Case -> Xion II Black Pearl
HDD -> Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD3200KS, 320GB
(video card -> going to wait till DX10 comes out)

And now I need a Mobo that fits with these specs, I have read alot about mobo's but I still can't choose one. (I was thinking one of these)

|----ASUS P5W DH Deluxe
|----ASUS P5B Deluxe
|----ASUS P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe
|----ASUS P5B Deluxe WiFi-AP

If you have any ideas please tell me, these mobo's are from Asus and I don't know much of other brands. (If you recommend me something then please give a small explanation)
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  1. I wouldn't buy everything except a video card because you're waiting for DX10. Buy it all at once when the new cards are out, and you'll save yourself loads.
  2. P5W DH Deluxe. Best conroe mobo out there. Get an ATI card since they beat out Nvidia, although marginally at times. Plus the digital home features of that mobo rocks, and you can't beat its overclocking. The P5B is good, but the P5H has got it beat. If you really want SLI then you have no choice on that matter unless you wait for the new nForce mobos to come out. Otherwise, go with the P5W.
  3. Yeah normally I start with the gfx card then the mobo but I had some problems finding the right one so I continued with the rest :)

    -Well I think I'd like SLI in the future, not sure if it is that necessary at the moment.
    -Onboard WiFi is not important.
    -I would like at least 2 PCI slots
    -(2 pci-e 16x then for SLI i guess)
    -dual Lan
  4. I vote for "Intel D975XBX" because I think you will have fewer incompatibility problems.
  5. The P5B doesn't have dual x16 like the P5W has. The P5B has one x16 and one x2 or x4... but the P5W can only do XFire, it can't do SLI...

    The PCI slots on both should be fine. The Intel "Bad Axe" mobo is decent, haven't read much about it though...

    Oh yeah, both the P5B and P5W have dual lan (deluxe ones only).
  6. So the P5W would be a good mobo for ATI cards.
    What would fit better with Nvidia ?

    I'm not sure wich way to go Nvidia - ATI, but atm my choice is going for Nvidia.
  7. Quote:
    I'm not sure wich way to go Nvidia - ATI, but atm my choice is going for Nvidia.

    I'm not sure why, as the cards aren't available to anyone yet. The BadAxe is awesome, btw.
  8. The only mobos to offer SLI is the P5N32-SLI, which is probably your best bet if you want Nvidia. Your best and only bet as of now.
  9. If your not going to OC, get the Intel D975XBXLRK "Bad Axe". It's going to last the longest, is perfectly compatable, and is just rock solid in all aspects. Intel has a rep for boards the never die.

    It is CrossFire ready and the Conroe's drop in like a dream!

    The old Intel that ignored the enthusiat group is long gone. Heck, I was a long time Asus and AMD guy until a few Asus boards died on me. The Conroe's reinforced my descision - Intel simply makes better stuff for the non OCer now. Six months from now, we'll see who has the best out, but for now, the D975XBXLRK is the one...

    My Rig:
    Core 2 Duo X6800 Conroe
    Intel D975XBXLRK - 304
    Thermaltake Big Typhoon HSF
    2 GB Corsair Pro PC6400 4-4-4-15
    ATI X1900XTX
    74GB 10K Raptor HD
    Soundblaster Audigy 2 SZ
    NEC OEM DVD Burners (x2)
    Gigabyte 3D Aurora Case
    Ultra X-Finity 600W SLi Certified PSU
  10. If you are a gamer.

    Get the P5B deluxe WiFi AP.
    It has the newer chipset for Dual core processors. the P5H has an old controller chipset.

    IF you arent building for crossfire configuration the following applies:
    Run it with an ati card because you can still run crossfire if you want to in the future. Sure it doesnt have 2 PCI-e x16 like someothers, but i see that as a non-issue since if you do decide to run crossfire in the future to extend the life of your system, you are gonna be taking advantage of the video ram mostly. There will probably be a faster pci bus out anyways by then.

    Also, the P5B deluxe has better sound options and comes with a cool directional mic that can be put to very good use gaming, utilizing background noise suppression, etc.

    If you are a case has the better looking Mobo power Asus logo that adds that extra flair to your case. (it is bright enough that even when your machine is turned looks like you have a mini cathode going still :D )

    SO breaks down basically like so.

    P5H - Remote control, 2 x16 pci-e , older chipset, more home-stereo type options (if thats your thing)
    p5b - Directional mic, 1 x16pci-e, newer chipset, cooler mod board.

    Everything else is about the same, including the WI-fi ability
  11. So if I want to go with Nvidia I should take the P5N32-SLI
    and for ATI the P5B deluxe WiFi AP ?
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